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The Best Skin Care Tools and Their Magic Uses

The Best Skin-Care Tools and Their Magic Uses

A rejuvenated face has always been the goal and technology is finding its way there with the skin care tools that keep turning up by the clock. The skincare industry has been revolutionised and technology seems to be on a full spree. In the place of skin serums, creams, and others, we now have several tools doing their work or making them more effective. You might be lost in some of the mechanisms of the tools such as microcurrents, microneedling, light therapy etc. or scared of trying out the tools for the fear of the unknown.

It would also be a grave assumption to think skin care tools are only the new technologies that have been mentioned. Old civilization had their skin care tools which are still relevant to date including Gua Sha, Jade rollers, Kansa metal and so on. All of this might seem like a lot in addition to the numerous serums, creams and the likes. However, in this article, you will be seeing different types of skin care tools and why you should try them out.

Light Therapy Skin Care Tools

Skin Care Tool Light Therapy

Light Therapy Tool or LED Devices as the latter suggests works with aid of Light-emitting diodes. These diodes emit specific colours at particular wavelengths which penetrate varying depths, giving unique benefits. This emitted light sets off a reaction(s) in the skin cells, each colour with a specific reaction. The most common LED device is a mask that covers the whole of your face. The LDE full-face mask can be used at home like most of the tools that will be mentioned in this article.

The blue colour destroys acne-causing bacteria while the red light increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and causes collagen to be produced. Other benefits include wrinkle reduction, skin healing and skin plumping. LEDs emit other colours like white and pink.

The LED full-face mask has a blue and red light. It can be used for blemish reduction, give a smoother texture, smoothening wrinkles, etc.

Uses of LED devices:

  1. Destroys acne-causing bacteria
  2. Increases blood circulation
  3. Production of collagen makes skin look plump
  4. Blemish reduction
  5. Smoothen skin
  6. Clearing wrinkles

Massage Skin Care Tools


When we talk of tools borne from the old traditions or technology, we have some facial massaging tools including the gua sha and Jade rollers of china, and Kansa massager and Kansa metal from Ayurveda medicine of India. Other massaging tools include facial rollers, massaging wands.

Gua Sha Metal Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese massage therapy tool that has been used for centuries to help relieve tension in the muscles of the face and body, boost blood circulation and the draining of the lymphatic system thereby reducing puffiness and inflammation. It helps to calm the nervous system, increases the flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin.
The Gua sha massage tool helps those prone to migraines and headaches to address stagnant energy or ‘chi’ in the body. Before using a Gua Sha, make sure your face is clean or well moisturised with oil or serum. Then, daily, for five minutes, place the Gua Sha as flat to your face as possible. With medium pressure, move it upwards into and downwards out of the contours of your face and neck.

Uses of Gua Sha:

  1. rejuvenates the skin
  2. help boost lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and inflammation
  3. reduce facial tension
  4. sculpting facial muscles
  5. softening fine lines + wrinkles
  6. brightening skin tone

Facial Rollers The face roller is a recipe for a healthy-looking glow. Vital for skin’s circulation, elasticity and tone. Most face rollers have cooling metal bodies, allowing the rollers to mimic the action of an expert’s knuckles. And the Knuckle-action helps to amplify skin’s brightness by bringing oxygen to cells, while the rolling behaves works out your muscles.
Massaging your favourite facial serum into the skin with the roller promotes better absorption for a natural glow. You can use the rollers by gliding upwards from your neck but avoid your throat. Move on gently to the back of your ears—subsequently. Roll from your cheeks towards your temple, from the sides of your nose away from your eyebrows and towards your hairline.

Uses of Facial Rollers:

  1. enhance the absorption of topical skincare.
  2. brings oxygen to cells which helps to amplify skin’s brightness
  3. sculpting your cheekbones
  4. lifting the jawline and brows
  5. strengthen underlying tissue
  6. stimulate drainage to counteract puffiness
  7. minimise breakouts

Facial Massage Wands The most common massaging wands are the Kansa massager and Kansa of Ayurveda in India. The wands are believed to work by balancing your doshas, chakras and skin’s pH level. (If you are confused, Yoga is a close relative to Ayurveda). In use, the wands are moved in small circular motions over your temple, along your brows, down your jawlines.

Uses of Facial Massage Wands:

  1. Release tension
  2. Aid in lymphatic drainage0
  3. De-puff, firm and soothe skin
  4. Product penetration and deep cleansing.

Microcurrent Devices


Devices here work by emitting a gentle electronic current (electro-current). Electro-current may sound new but they have been around since the 1800s. Since the devices work with current, unlike a Kansa and the likes, you should read the manual before using it. Also, microcurrent devices vary—some combine electro-current and light therapy, some requires special conductive gels. Nevertheless, they are all quite straightforward to use.

Uses of Micro-current Devices:

  1. tones up the skin by energizing cells and stimulating collagen
  2. Treatment of damaged tissues and muscles
  3. Smoothen skin

Microneedling Tools


Microneedling tools work by following a process they are named after—Microneedling. The process smoothens the skins, allow absorption of topical treatments (and others) by poking tiny holes in the top layer of your skin. This is done with the aid of series of tiny needles. When buying microneedling tools to be used at home, make sure you go for the ones with needles that are no longer than 0.25cm. The idea is for you not to feel them. Also, these devices give a nice after effect which might make you want to use them often, However, this is not good and it is advised you limit it to thrice a week, and only apply gentle chemicals after use.

Uses of Microneedling Tools:

  1. Produces collagen and elastin that aids skin plumping
  2. Skin Smoothening
  3. Even-tone
  4. Aids absorption of Skin Care products

Dermaplaning Devices


Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation where you use a sharp object, usually scalpel-like, to scrape off the dead cells and other fuzz on your skin. People use this when they want to use a skincare product and want dead cells to prevent the active ingredient from being absorbed effectively. If you are a person with certain allergies that makes exfoliation products unsuitable for you, you can also use dermaplaning devices. Scraping your skin can be dangerous but dermaplaning on the market makes the process safer and easier. Most dermaplaning devices vary so, follow the details in the manual carefully. However, regardless of the device use, apply sunscreen when you are done. This is because you have scraped off old cells that have been taking the harsh sun rays and your live cells are now exposed.

Uses of Dermaplaning Devices:

  1. Exfoliate skin
  2. Remove tiny hairs

Microdermabrasion Devices


Still on exfoliation, we have Microdermabrasion devices. But instead of scraping, they suck away old, dead cells from the surface of your skin to show your healthy live cells. The suction is done via a vacuum system. If your skin is sensitive, instead of dermaplaning, dermabrasion devices are a better fit for you. However, they don’t go as deep as dermaplaning devices.

Uses of Microdermabrasion Devices:

  1. Exfoliate skin
  2. Smoothen skin
  3. Soften skin

Hair Removal Devices


These devices help in shaving and waxing but without all the pain and irritation that comes with the use of shaving sticks and some hair removal gels or creams. Regardless of your skin, these devices work just fine. Some of them remove your hair with fast-pulses using both intense pulsed light (IPL) and radiofrequency (RF) technology.

Uses of Hair Removal Devices:

  1. Remove hair
  2. Wax skin

Cleansing Devices


Although most of the devices already mentioned above also clean, there are devices made specifically for daily skin cleaning and nothing else. There are two popular ones in this category. One of them looks like a big egg with a rubber body and bristles at the top. These bristles have been made at varying lengths and thicknesses. The cleaning device also has a button used to adjust how the depth of the bristles drives into the skin while cleaning. The device should be dampened with water before use then scrubbed in the skin. You have to adjust the length of the bristles to reach seemingly hidden areas. The bristles are very hygienic so you don’t have to worry about that. The second of the popular cleaning devices use micro-steam technology. With this, your face is detoxified and hydrated. The device has a small bow-like part that holds firm to your face which prevents the steam from escaping while cleaning your face.

Uses of Cleaning Devices:

  1. Soothe and soften the skin
  2. Clears pores and detoxifies skin
  3. Removes dead skin cells, make-up, and oil
  4. Hydrates skin.

Skin care tools now at your Fingertips

With the advent of new skin care tools and information of the old made easily accessible, home skincare treatment is now literally at your fingertips. However, this doesn’t rule out the place of skincare experts whose experience and knowledge are not only useful but quite frankly, undeniable.

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Face Roller vs Gua Sha – What is the magic difference?

face roller,gua sha

Ever wondered what’s better for your skin? Keep reading to find out if Face Roller or a Gua Sha will suit you best.

Those with their fingers on the beauty pulse will be interested to find out about both Gua Sha and Face Rolling tools. Although you may have heard of these products, not everyone knows how each of them works. If you have always been interested to find out, then you have come to the right place.
In this article we will be discussing the difference between Face Rollers and Gua Sha tools. What are they, what do they do for your skin, and are there any side effects? Let’s find out.

What is Gua Sha? 

Before we begin comparing the two, we should probably start with the basics. What is Gua Sha anyway?

face roller,gua sha

Modern Day Gua Sha 

Gua Sha is a process that has been used by the Chinese as a holistic medicine since ancient times. It is believed that  the process helps the body in several different ways. Practitioners state that it can boost the immune system, help the user control pain, and can ease inflammation and swelling. 

Gua Sha is the name of the tool that practitioners use during the process. During a session, the practitioner will place  oils on your body in the areas you wish to tackle. Typically, those areas would include your back, your neck, your arms, your legs, or your rear end. 

During the treatment, your technician will scrape the skin using the Gua Sha tool. They will do so in long sweeping  strokes, applying more and more pressure as the treatment goes on. By the end of your session, the practitioner will  have drawn the tool over the body applying as much pressure as you are able to take. What you are left with is a  relaxing feeling in your deep tissue and small dots all over the areas worked. These dots are known as Petechiae and  are harmless​i.

To the Ancient Chinese, it was these dots that signalled a successful treatment. They believed it drew
blood to the surface of the skin and therefore improved circulation.

Modern beauty lovers have taken this tool as their own. When pressed into the skin of the face and chin it is said to  do all the above – but also adds sculpture and definition to the face. It is believed to draw out impurities, eliminate toxins, and even help with fluid retention. 

Gua Sha performed on the face is usually done at home, without the intervention of a practitioner. When used as a  beauty tool, Gua Sha is said to: 

  1. One study found it improved liver enzymes in a man with Hepatitis B.
  2. It soothes headaches 
  3. It can help when the breasts are too full of milk 
  4. It can treat neck pain 
  5. And it can fight Tourette Syndrome​ii

Not bad for a little massage tool.

What is a Face Roller? 

face roller,gua sha

You may have seen the face roller tool advertised since Jade rollers are popular in the east and rose quartz rollers are  popular in the west. A face roller consists of a handle on one end and wheels or a found crystal on the other.  They were used by the ancient Chinese elite to protect and enhance the   delicate skin on the face.

The face roller has more than one job. It can be a soothing tool used to apply your ointments, it can be run over the  face to massage it, and it also brings the magic of crystal healing to those that wish to opt for a crystal one. Be warned that the crystal face rollers have not been scientifically proven to add any extra benefits to the skin. 

There are limited studies into whether the face roller works on any medical aspects of your face. It is said to: 

  1. Reduce anxiety by relaxing you 
  2. Treat puffiness of the skin 
  3. Make your face appear temporarily slimmer 
  4. Increase blood flow to the face
  5. Brings oxygen to cells which helps to amplify skin’s brightness 
  6. Sculpting your cheekbones 
  7. Lifting the jawline and brows 
  8. Strengthen underlying tissue 
  9. Stimulate drainage to counteract puffiness 

Face roller is the recipe for a healthy looking glow. Vital for skin’s circulation, elasticity and tone.

Face rollers mimics the action of an expert facialist’s knuckles, brings oxygen to cells which helps to amplify skin’s  brightness, while the rolling behaves like a workout in the gym for your muscles, sculpting your cheekbones, lifting the jawline and brows. Strengthen underlying tissue, stimulate drainage to counteract puffiness and minimise breakouts, and also enhance the absorption of topical skin care. Massaging your favourite facial serum into the skin with the  roller promotes better absorption for a natural glow. 

Face rollers typically come in plastic, crystal, or stainless steel. 

Why Stainless Steel? 

face roller,gua sha

Stainless steel face rollers come with a few advantages. Some of these include:

  1. Anti-bacterial – As opposed to jade and rose quartz, stainless steel is non-porous, which prevents bacteria buildup that can transfer to your skin 
  2. Durable – it will last forever as opposed to the Jade or Rose Quartz gua sha that easily break if dropped. 
  3. Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable, made with recycled material. 
  4. Self-cooling – Naturally cold to the touch, you don’t even need to put it in the freezer 

The Difference Between the Gua Sha and the Face Roller 

Now that we know what each product is and what it does, we can look at what the differences are between them.

The main difference, of course, is that Gua Sha comes from Ancient Chinese medicine, while the face roller comes from Ancient Chinese royalty. The roller was something attributed to rich women, it was a luxury. Gua Sha was available to anyone who could afford to pay the medicine man. 

A second difference between the two is that Gua Sha comes with a variety of health benefits, some of which have been scientifically proven. The face roller’s health benefit is that it reduces anxiety. The increase of blood flow to the face  has been proven by science, but it’s not really any competition when compared to helping the user control Tourette  Syndrome.

Asides from the differences in the way they look, face rollers can be made of plastic, crystal, or stainless steel.  Stainless steel rollers are cooling, whereas crystal rollers will chip or crack if dropped too often. Plastic is durable and  long-lasting but not as effective. Gua Sha tools can be made of silicon, stone or stainless steal. In ancient times, it would always have been stone. 

Choosing between Face Rollers or Gua Sha tools based on your Beauty Goals

face roller,gua sha

If your beauty goal is to add definition to the angles of your face while simultaneously relieving inflammation and  toxins, then the Gua Sha tool is the one you want. 

If your beauty goal is to relax the skin, soothe out puffiness, and enjoy a sensual way to add lotions, creams, or balms, then the face roller will work those into the skin for you.  

Where to Buy a Gua Sha Tool or a Face Roller? 

If all this talk about beauty rollers and Gua Sha tools, has you salivating, don’t panic. We know exactly where you can buy both to try them out for yourself. The Nanshy Website has both products for affordable rates, so you can indulge in a little relaxation for your face without feeling guilty. After all, we want to take away some of that stress, not add to it.

face roller,gua sha


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Different Types of Makeup Brushes

types of makeup brushes

A good collection of brushes is a must-have for every makeup enthusiast. Brushes not only make applying makeup quick and easy, but they also help the product go on smoothly and evenly, creating a more flawless finish. If you’re just getting into makeup, a good set of brushes makes the process much easier. There are several different types of makeup brushes, so it’s important to know which ones to use in your makeup routine. Here is a selection of important makeup brushes to add to your collection.

Different Types of Makeup Brushes:

Foundation Brush

types of makeup brushes

Your makeup routine should start off with an even base of the foundation. It can be difficult to apply a liquid foundation correctly without the proper brush. We have two different types of foundation brushes, one of which is acts like a paintbrush and one of which has a flat top. Both are very useful for getting a flawless finish with your foundation.

A good foundation brush will have straight, flexible bristles that you can use to apply your foundation to your face. It’s essential when using this brush that you work the product into the skin to avoid harsh lines or streak marks. When applying the foundation, start by dotting the product on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and then use the brush to blend it over your entire face. Foundation brushes come in different lengths, but the one you choose will depend entirely on personal preference. It’s very important to wash your foundation brushes regularly to keep your skin clean and healthy. When you wash the brushes, use your fingers to reshape them as they are drying.

Stippling Brush

Stippling Brush

This type of brush creates a flawless, airbrushed base with high definition results. It can be used to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighters. It also is very effective for applying liquid and cream products. There are duo-fibre bristles at the top of the brush, which make for a light, gentle application that looks very natural. These brush ends have a very light and feathery feel.

To use, apply the product to the top of the bristles, and then work it into the skin in circular motions, taking care to really buff out any harsh lines and create an even coverage. You can also use a stippling motion, moving the brush up and down to dot the product onto your face. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the foundation around your jawline and neck is evenly buffed in for the most airbrushed, natural look. Feel free to apply multiple layers until you reach your desired coverage level. Like a foundation brush, it’s important to wash your stippling brushes regularly to prevent bacteria build-up.

Concealer Brush

types of makeup brushes

After you apply foundation, you can use concealer to cover any imperfections and brighten up dull areas on the face. For the most precise concealer application, you’ll want to use a small concealer brush. A concealer brush essentially looks like a very small version of a foundation brush. It’s shaped like a paintbrush but is slightly denser. When using a concealer brushes, apply a small amount of product to the desired area, and then lightly dab onto your skin until it blends in with your foundation. Do this using small amounts until you have covered the desired imperfections, whether they be acne, dark spots, undereye circles, or something else.

Powder Brush

types of makeup brushes

After applying your base, you may opt to set everything with a layer of loose powder. This powder will help your makeup stay in place throughout the day and give you an even more flawless look. One of the many different types of makeup brushes, a powder brush is very large and fluffy, and it has a domed shape to evenly disperse the product over the face. When using a powder brush, you can apply the product very lightly, as the brush is designed to distribute the product evenly for you. In fact, you should tap off the excess product on the brush before applying it to your face.

Blush Brush

types of makeup brushes

If you’re using a powder blush, it’s absolutely crucial to use a brush to get a gorgeous natural look when applying it. If you don’t use the correct brush when applying this type of product, the result can look very cakey and unnatural. A good blush brush has the same fluffy design as a powder brush, but it is smaller to fit on the cheeks. Some blush brushes have a slight angle to them for a more precise blush application. If you are using a powder blush, you’ll want to start on the apples of the cheeks and gently sweep the brush out towards your temples, concentrating most of the product on the apples. If you’re using a cream blush, you may want to opt for a stippling motion for the most natural effect. When applying blush, it’s always best to start with a small amount and keep building and blending, as this will create the most natural look.

Contour Brush

types of makeup brushes

Contouring is a great way to give your face a naturally sculpted look, but you need a great brush in order to do it. There are many different types of makeup brushes that can be used for contouring, but ideally, you should purchase a brush that is specifically designated for this task instead of using a blush or foundation brush. A contour brush is about the size of a blush brush, but it has very dense, angled bristles that will create a precise contour application. These contour brushes can be used with either powder or cream contour products. To use, apply the contour to the hollows of your cheeks, and then use a stippling motion to work it into the skin. As the product starts to blend, switch to a circular motion, being careful to keep the product in the appropriate location. You can use this technique on any part of your face you’d like to contour. Many people choose to apply contour to their temples, the sides of their nose, or their jawline for a sleek look.

Bronzer Brush

types of makeup brushes

Bronzer is one of the best ways to get a sunkissed, glowy look – without actually spending time in the sun, which can be harmful to your skin. A bronzer brush is similar in shape to a powder brush or a blush brush. However, it is very wide and even more fluffy than either of them. This is because bronzer needs to be dispersed very evenly on the skin in order to look natural. If you apply too much bronzer or it isn’t blended out evenly, it can look very harsh, particularly if you have a naturally fair complexion. To successfully apply bronzer, dip the brush in a small amount of the product, and then apply it to your temples, the hollows of your cheeks, and your jawline in a big sweeping motion, making a ‘3’ shape. Be sure to really buff it out so there are no harsh lines left over. After you’ve blended that in, take whatever’s left on the brush and sweep it over your forehead and nose very gently. This technique creates a natural look because it places bronzer on the points of the face where the sun would naturally hit.

Highlight Brush

types of makeup brushes

Highlight brushes look very different from most other types of makeup brushes. They are shaped like a fan and have very thin bristles. This fan shape allows you to apply the glowy product evenly to the tops of your cheekbones – without looking like a disco ball. The highlighter is very trendy at the moment, so this is a great brush to add to your collection. To use, gently pick up a small amount of product with the brush and sweep it back and forth over the tops of your cheekbones, moving side to side. You can also apply highlight to the tip of your nose and your cupid’s bow for an extra glowy look.

Eyeshadow Brush

types of makeup brushes

To create an intricate eyeshadow look, you’ll need several different types of makeup brushes specifically designed for eyeshadow. These brushes are much smaller and denser than the face brushes previously mentioned in this article. They’re designed for a very precise application of the eyeshadow so you have utmost control.

The first one of these eyeshadow brushes is the lid brush. This is used to apply eyeshadow to the top of your lids, as the name suggests. This brush is very compact and is shaped like a foundation brush, but the bristles are much denser. For the best results, use the brush to pat the shadow onto your lids, applying multiple layers if necessary.

Eyeshadow Crease Brush

crease brushes

This brush is used for applying eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelids. It is very dense and has either an angled or pointed composition for the most precise application possible. It is very important that you apply crease colour with as much control as possible to create your desired look, particularly if you are aiming for a smokey eye or other intricate styles. Start by putting a small amount of your desired crease colour in the creases of your eyelids, focusing more towards the outside of the eye. Run the colour back and forth to create a defined line, and then slowly start to blend the colour in with your lid colour.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Eyeshadow Blending brush

This is the most versatile of all the eyeshadow brushes. An eyeshadow blending brush can be used in many different ways to create a flawless eye look. You’ll typically want to use your blending brush after you’ve used the lid and contour brushes for the initial application of the eyeshadow. Start by going over your lid and crease colours to blend them together, and to blend out your crease colour so that you remove any harsh lines. It’s important to keep blending even after you think you should stop because it’s easy to miss harsh lines when working in such a detailed area. You can also use your blending brush to apply a highlight shade to your browbone for a little bit of extra glimmer. Since you’ll likely be using a variety of different eyeshadow shades with this brush, it will be helpful to wash it frequently to preserve the integrity of the colours.

Eye Liner Brush

Eye Liner Brush

Out of all the different types of makeup brushes, one of the most essential is a good sharp liner brush. To get an ultra-precise cat eye shape, you’ll need a liner brush. While you can achieve a good smokey eye with a pencil liner, it’s hard to get a clear, defined wing shape without using a brush. An eyeliner brush works well with gel or liquid liners. It is very, very small with a line of short, dense bristles, and is slightly angled for the sharpest wing. To use, start by dipping the brush in the liner after you’ve completed your eyeshadow. You may want to map out a rough idea of where the wings will go with a light coloured eye pencil. The wing should follow the curve of your eye instead of sticking straight out.

Then, using as much control as you can, apply the liner in a wing shape. Afterwards, fill in the liner on top of the eye, connecting it to the wing. You may also want to apply liner to your bottom lashes using the brush if you are creating a very intense eye look. You should use the brush to connect the bottom liner to the top wing, this will make everything look more cohesive. This is one of the most difficult of all the different types of makeup brushes to use, so don’t be concerned if you don’t nail that winged look right away – it may just require some more practice.

Mascara Brush/Wand

Spoolie Mascara Brow Brush

Many mascara brands come with a brush, but it’s helpful to have one on hand just in case. A good mascara wand features a spoolie shape, with small bristles sticking out from the wand in all directions. The bristles are designed to fit in between your lashes, acting almost as a hairbrush to push them in the right direction and apply the product. The bristles should be firm, as this makes mascara application easier. These wands can also be used to apply eyebrow gel, or just to brush the brow hairs in the same direction and neaten them up. They are also typically less durable than other makeup brushes, so you’ll want to buy them in packs or replace them frequently.

Lip Brush

Lip Brush

A lip brush can make applying your lipstick much easier. This small brush will help you get a crisp, defined line that other women will envy. A lip brush is very small and thin, with a layer of sleek bristles that act like a paintbrush. To use, you’ll want to start by applying a lip liner in a colour similar to your lipstick. This makes it easier to get a clean line with your lip product. Then, just use the brush to paint in your lips. You may need to go over your lips a few times with the brush to get the desired pigmentation. This brush can also be used to soften up harsh lines of your lips or even blend two lip colours together for an ombre effect.

Makeup Brush Sets or Kits

Since there are so many different types of makeup brushes you may want to add to your makeup collection, it’s often worth it to buy them in a kit. There are many different makeup brush kits on the market, ranging from face brushes to eye brushes to full deluxe kits. By purchasing your brushes in a kit, you can often get a better deal than purchasing each of them individually.

The Necessities Collection

Finding quality makeup brush set can be difficult, so it’s worth it to take your time and shop around when building your kit. There are several different factors to keep an eye out for when shopping for brushes. The first is the quality of the brush. They should be made with durable bristles that will last through many washings and can support many different kinds of makeup. The handle should also be quite durable – it shouldn’t separate from the bristles easily. Durability is particularly important to consider if you like to travel with your brushes. Many brushes are even specifically designed for travel, with smaller handles that can fit into a makeup bag.

Another thing to consider when looking at different types of makeup brushes is how and where they are produced. With so many different choices on the market, it’s important to choose products that are made ethically. This means choosing brushes that are made from high-quality synthetic materials instead of animal hair and avoiding companies that test on animals. You’ll also want to choose a brush set that is made with ethical labour. Companies with ethical practices care about their employees, and you can feel good about supporting an ethical brand.

The Eye brush Set
The Face Brush Set

Finally, you’ll want to purchase your makeup brushes based on the products you have and the products you like to use most often. For example, if you really love eye makeup, it’ll be most important to invest in a set of quality eyeshadow brushes that you can use to create many different looks, whereas if you love face makeup, investing in one or two high-quality stippling or blending brushes may be more effective. You may want to invest in multiple versions of your favourite brushes if you use them very often.

Full Brush Set

This essential collection of different types of makeup brushes will help you create the makeup looks you want with ease. There are many benefits to using brushes instead of your fingers or plastic applicators to apply your makeup. Not only does it take less time to complete your makeup routine, but it’s also usually more sanitary, as brushes are easier to clean than applicators. It’s important that you wash your brushes regularly – not only will this keep them in the best condition possible, but it also will prevent bacteria from building up on the brush. To wash your brushes, use a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo to rinse out the makeup from the bristles. Work the cleanser into the bristles with your fingers and then swirl the brush in a bowl or on the back of your hand to remove the makeup. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed. Once you’re done washing the brushes, lay them out to try on a paper towel and use your fingers to move them into their original shape.

Another benefit of using makeup brushes is that they create a more precise, flawless finish on your face, which is why they’re so beloved by makeup enthusiasts. Makeup brushes give you a very precise application, which helps the makeup look more natural. Brushes also make it easier to blend harsh lines on the face, because you’ll have more control than if you were using a basic applicator. With a good makeup brush, you can replicate the Instagram beauty trends you love with ease, whether you’re a makeup expert or a beauty newbie.

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Looking for new Makeup Brushes?

Are you in search for your next perfect brush or just fancy browsing our collection? View Our Brush Collection

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Different Types of Makeup Brushes
Different Types of Makeup Brushes

Where to shop for Nanshy products Online?

Where to shop for Nanshy products in store?

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IMATS London

IMATS London

IMATS London, the annual International Make‐Up Artists Trade Show, is almost upon us and this year’s event is to be the biggest and best yet.

IMATS has been held in London since 2002 and has grown into the make-up industry’s premier trade show, with six events staged around the world every year in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Atlanta, and Vancouver.

First established in 1997 by the Emmy Award-winning make-up artist and publisher of Make-Up Artist magazine Michael Key, IMATS provides the opportunity for make-up artists, exhibitors, and enthusiasts to learn and connect.

Tickets Giveaway. We have 4 tickets for each day of the show. The winners will get 1 ticket each.

Friday ticket 17th of May 2019 for PRO-CARD owners only click here
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Nanshy at IMATS London

Nanshy is proud to confirm that we will be one of the top exhibitors at IMATS London, and you will be able to find us at booth 320. We are a British-born and based makeup accessory brand, specialising in makeup brushes, sponges, and cosmetics bags. Our products are ethically produced, 100% animal cruelty-free and Vegan. At our IMATS London booth, you will be able to sample our product range, see new products for the first time and benefit from unique event-only discounts.

Debut Products, Demonstrations & Masterclasses

Whether you are professional, a student or just love the world of makeup artistry, IMATS gives you the opportunity to sample a diverse mix of products, experience demonstrations and education from industry leaders. Oscar, BAFTA, and Saturn award-winning professionals can be found delivering masterclasses, such as how to perfect age-makeup applications, red-carpet glamour and body painting, while new products are often showcased and sold for the first time.

Battle of the Brushes

IMATS also plays host to the Battle of the Brushes – a competition for existing and recently graduated international makeup students to show off their skills in a race to create and complete the finest looks.

For the winners of the first, second and third place in each category, there are hundreds of pounds in cash and prizes to be won, as well as the chance to gain invaluable exposure and experience.

Makeup Artistry Schools and Study

For those who are contemplating and aspiring to make it in the world of makeup artistry, the best, most recognised makeup schools will also be at IMATS helping you to explore and ultimately decide which college is the best fit for your interests, personality, and talents.

Ticket Prices

Tickets for IMATS London can be bought in advance, so be sure to follow the ticket sale schedule.

Follow the link for booking | £20 off coupon code: SHOPPRO

General-admission hours are open to the public, but age restrictions apply – visitors must be 16 years or older to gain entry.

How to get to IMATS London

IMATS London will be staged at the Olympia National exhibition centre in Hammersmith, W14 8UX, and there are a number of ways to travel. On-site parking is available at the venue, but travelling by public transport, in particular, the London Overground or Tube network, is the more convenient and hassle-free option.

Travel by London Overground – Get off at Kensington (Olympia).

Travel by tube – For the Central Line you can change at Shepherd’s Bush for the Overground. For the Circle Line, you can get off at Hammersmith and then take a 5-minute bus ride or 15-minute walk to the venue, or High Street Kensington for a 4-minute bus ride or a 12-minute walk. For the District Line, you can change at West Brompton for the Overground, get off at West Kensington and take an 8-minute walk, or get off at High Street Kensington for a longer walk. For the Piccadilly Line, you can get off at Hammersmith for a 9-minute walk. For the Hammersmith & City Line you can get off at Hammersmith and take a 5-minute bus ride or for a 15-minute walk.

We hope to see you at the show.

How to bag the best bargains at IMATS this year?

Our top 5 tips on surviving IMATS (with your credit card intact!)



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How To Transition To Cruelty-Free And Vegan Beauty

How To Transition To Cruelty-Free And Vegan Beauty

Over the years, the cruelty-free and vegan beauty worlds have grown, and more brands are now emphasizing their cruelty-free and/or vegan stance.

Despite this, there are so many products out there that contain animal products or are created by brands that still testing on animals.

Because of this, beauty shopping can be overwhelming at times, and you might be thinking, “What should I do? How do I carefully select beauty products that are cruelty-free and vegan?” You may have decided that you want to switch to cruelty-free and vegan products (in that case, good choice!) But you might be feeling unsure about how to proceed.

Well, this guide will help you. Switching to cruelty-free and vegan beauty products is a lot easier than you might think. Here are our top tips on transitioning to cruelty-free and vegan beauty.

Understand the definitions

Cruelty-free and vegan are terms that don’t mean the same thing. Having said that, many cruelty-free products are vegan too.

Anyway, a cruelty-free beauty product is an item that has not been tested at all throughout the production and manufacturing process. A vegan beauty product is an item that contains no animal ingredients.

Start small

Switching to cruelty-free and vegan beauty is a process, so take it step by step and take your time. Don’t expect to be cruelty-free and vegan overnight. However, keep up the work and stay consistent so that you can transition quickly.

Do your research

Knowledge is power and Google is your friend, so utilise these resources. Read up articles, blog posts and guides for more information. Consume content – i.e. watch YouTube videos – that focus on cruelty-free and vegan beauty. Research brand with this stance. It’s so easy to find the facts and expand your expertise.

Use up what you have or donate

If you have non-cruelty-free and non-vegan beauty products, don’t throw them away. Yes, you are transitioning and you might want to dispose of those items, but it’s better to use them up or give them away instead of allowing them to go to waste. Once you’ve used up these products, replace them with a cruelty-free and/or vegan alternative.

Check the labels and look out for the logos

When shopping for cruelty-free beauty, you should look out for the Leaping Bunny logo. When shopping for vegan beauty, you should look out for the Vegan Society logo.

Vicky Ly, Creator of Ethical Elephant, provides a detailed explanation about cruelty-free and vegan logos.

 Look out for animal ingredients

When shopping for vegan products, look out for animal ingredients such as collagen, beeswax, carmine, keratin, lanolin, squalane and guanine.

Join online communities

There are websites and social media accounts that are dedicated to sharing reviews and recommendations on cruelty-free and vegan beauty products and brands. Join them, get involved and interact with other like-minded users.

Switch to dupes

There are beauty products that you may love but are not cruelty-free or vegan. This might be disappointing but you can find dupes or similarities. For example, if you see a bold red lipstick that’s sold by a brand that’s not cruelty-free, but you find a cruelty-free beauty brand that sells a similar shade of lipstick.

Switch up your essentials

It’s good that you’ve chosen to make the choice to transition into cruelty-free and vegan makeup and skincare, but don’t forget your essentials too. Start buying cruelty-free essentials such as toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body cream.

Check your makeup tools

Your tools for makeup application should be cruelty-free and vegan, so update your collection with items such as makeup brushes and beauty blenders.

Be conscious when shopping

Don’t make impulsive purchases! Think before you shop. Shopping for ethical (and eco-friendly) beauty products means being mindful of what you’re buying and what you’re applying on your body.

If you follow these tips then you can be sure to successfully go down the wonderful path of cruelty-free and vegan beauty. Most of all, have fun! Switching to cruelty-free and vegan beauty should be enjoyable.

Chichi is a freelance beauty writer from London, UK. She is the founder and editor of The Cosmetic Notebook, a cruelty-free, vegan and natural makeup blog.