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Five Effortlessly Chic Hairstyles You Should Definitely Try

Elegant Short Hair Braided Steps

My clients always tell me how they are so bored of the everyday ponytails and messy buns. If that’s the case for you too, then let me tell you how you can upgrade your hairstyle with the minimum amount of effort. A few simple styling hacks can turn modest dos into chic hairstyles.

It only takes a bit a creativity and a few easy tricks to look fantastic. This is why I want to tell you all about my favorite five unbelievably easy hairstyles. They will change the way you style your hair, and they will help you look gorgeous every single time.

1. The Stylish Fishtail Braid and Ponytail Look

Tired of the classic ponytail hairstyle? Truth be told, so am I. If you want to give an entirely new spin on your everyday look, then make a simple fishtail braid around it. This chic hairdo takes less than 15 minutes to do, even for beginners. In fact, this is one of my favorite things about it. You already know how to do a great ponytail, so let me tell you how you can turn it into a true statement look.

  • Get your ponytail ready, but keep a bit of hair on your side.
  • Use the hair on your side to make a simple braid.
  • Pull onto each loop of your simple braid to turn it into a stunning fishtail braid.
  • To complete this amazing look, take your lovely fishtail braid and place it around the base of your ponytail.
  • Secure it with a pin and you are done! Fantastic, right?


2. The Astonishing Braided Bun Look

This gorgeous hairstyle looks absolutely fantastic on eye-popping pink or burgundy and blonde hair. Don’t you just love the smashing contrast between bold hair colors and classy updos? This braided bun is extremely easy to do. In fact, you should be done in less than 10 minutes. Here’s what you need to do!

  • Separate your hair into two equal pieces.
  • Gently twist each side at the base.
  • Grab both sides and use a small hair band to tie them together.
  • Make a loose braid.
  • To turn this unimpressive braid into a classy bun, all you have to is roll it back and pull it through the loop between the two twisted sides.
  • Use a few hairpins to secure it into place and you are done!


3. The Chic Pinup Look

If you want a special look for an interesting evening, then this amazing pinup look is the way to go. With minimum effort, you can get a stunning hairstyle. Here are the main steps for this easy pinup hairstyle!

  • Comb your hair back. (You can use a curling iron or a rotating brush to add some loose curls for a more extravagant look.)
  • Style the front part by making a classic side part.
  • Use the hair on the short side to make one loose
  • Secure it with a few pins to keep in place.
  • Take the hair on the longer side and use it to make another small roll.
  • Use some hairpins to keep it up, and you are done!


4. The Elegant Braided Look for Short Hair

Style your short hair to perfection with this simple and elegant braids and bun look. If you have naturally wavy hair, you are ready to begin. If not, use a curling iron to make some loose curls all around. Then, you are ready to begin!

  • Separate your hair into two smaller parts in the front and a more generous one in the back.
  • Use a hairband to tie the part in the back into a loose ponytail.
  • Gently twist it around and turn it into a bun.
  • Use the parts in the front to make two simple loose braids.
  • To get the final look, wrap your braids around the bun to give it more volume.


5. The Adorable Bow Bun Look

Bow buns are the most adorable hairstyles you can do in less than 10 minutes. All eyes will be on you with this surprising hairstyle. Let me tell you how you!

  • Part your hair right above the ears and then tie it up in a firm half ponytail.
  • Make a generous loop and part it into two equal sides.
  • Use two pins to give it that lovely bow shape.
  • Use the remaining part of your half ponytail to create the central part of the bow.
  • Gently roll it back behind the ponytail and you are done!


As you can see, the secret to a stunning look is in the small details. Try out these five effortlessly chic hairstyles to find out for yourself just how easy it is to look your best! Then, you can tell me which one you had the most fun within the comment section below!

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5 Professional Beauty Hacks to Make You Look Gorgeous

Hacks for Beautiful Looks

When it comes to beauty, there are some fine details that make the difference between a professional look and an amateurish attempt. Mastering these key techniques can upgrade your makeup routine significantly. Our list of the 5 main pro beauty hacks can achieve that polished magazine-look you’ve always wanted. Here’s what you need to do.

5 Professional Beauty Hacks to Make You Look Gorgeous

1. Define Your Eyebrows Correctly

Your eyebrows are the pillars of your entire look, so it is crucial that you find the best shape for your specific facial features. To do this, you need to take a pencil and place it next to your nose. Place it vertically near the outer edge of your nose to determine the ideal starting point for your eyebrows.

Then, place the pencil on the angle starting from the outer edge of your nose and the outer corner of your eye to find the ideal length for your brows. These simple techniques can help you find out how to shape your eyebrows to perfection.

2. Never, Ever Skip Blending

Blending is one of the most important steps in your makeup routine because it adds an essential finishing touch to your look. In fact, it is one of the central aspects that differentiates amateur makeup from a pro’s work. Forget all about using your hands to blend in your foundation and eyeshadow.

While this might seem to be enough to the untrained eye, it is clearly insufficient for a well-polished look. A blending sponge will make a dramatic difference in your routine because it will help you blend everything together flawlessly. Try out this simple beauty hack and you will see just how much it will do for you.

3. Always Use a Makeup Primer

A primer can do wonders for your eye makeup because it will ensure that your powder eyeshadow will not be dispersed. This should be the first step for any type of eye makeup you want to use. Simply apply the creamy primer on your lid and use your finger to blend it in gently.

It will make your makeup last longer and look significantly more powerful. This is one of the simplest professional beauty hacks that every woman should know. To make sure that the product you choose is cruelty-free, you can check the official PETA cosmetics company database.

4. Apply Your Eyeliner Correctly

Getting that perfect eyeliner can seem almost impossible sometimes, but there are a few tricks that can make this challenging task so much easier. To get a slim line, you should stay as close as possible to the lash line, so keep this in mind as you begin.

Instead of starting with the inner corner of the eye, you should begin in the middle and head towards the outer corner to avoid those thick smudgy lines. Then, you should use your eyeliner to make small lines, rather than a continuous line because this will improve your precision tremendously. These insanely simple beauty hacks will revolutionise your makeup routine and you will get perfect lines every single time.

5. Get Your Lips Ready Before Applying Lipstick

The best way to avoid that awful dry cracked lipstick look, you have to get your lips properly prepared. First, you should use an exfoliating scrub to clear away any excess skin. Your lips will be perfectly smooth, which will make your lipstick last longer and look better. Mix sugar, honey, and olive oil to get a fully natural scrub.

Then, you can apply a clear lip balm to moisturise the skin. This will prepare it properly for lipstick or gloss and it will ensure that there are no cracks in your smile. These simple steps will help you get those perfect lips you’ve always wanted, so make sure you include them in your daily routine.

As you can see, a few very simple tricks can make you look absolutely stunning. Learn from the pros and upgrade your makeup technique because you will be very happy with the results. Experiment with these beauty hacks to see just how much of a difference they can make.