IMATS London 2015 Guide with Checklist, Map, Floor Plan

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IMATS, as if you didn’t know, is the International Make‐Up Artists Trade Show, and in a nutshell it’s the industry’s biggest gathering of make‐up, hair and cosmetics companies, as well as make‐up schools, film companies and more. Many of the companies attending give amazing discounts on the day, and of course there are a whole host of incredible speakers, demonstrations, workshops and discussions to inspire and educate all make‐up fans!

Friday at IMATS is the PRO cardholder day, and is a great opportunity to mingle with other make‐up professionals and see the stands in a less crowded environment. There are some amazing talks and workshops on, designed to inspire and educate make‐up pros, and you’ll have first dibs on the incredible offers, discounts and new products available from the exhibitors at the event.

Saturday at IMATS tends to be the busiest day, as it’s the day when all the press representatives turn up, as well as all those bloggers and style gurus you’ve been dying to meet! It can make things a bit more crowded, and the queues a bit longer, but you’ll be rewarded with a fabulous atmosphere and a high probability of bumping into one or two of your make-up idols.

Sunday at IMATS is a great day to go. The press will have cleared out, the pros will have bought their supplies, so you’ll be free to shop, explore and enjoy with less crowds and stress than the other days. Not only that, but as the event starts to wind down in the afternoon, you could really bag a bargain when you haggle with the stallholders!

If you’re only attending IMATS for the day, it’s a good idea to plan in advance what you’re going to be doing and when, because time really does fly when you’re having such awesome fun. Here’s our guide to what to see and do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help you make the most of your visit and maximise your IMATS experience.

IMATS Checklist – Before you go

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Getting to IMATS

Don’t forget to plan your travel to IMATS in plenty of time too. The venue is the Olympia National in Hammersmith, W14 8UX, and is well served by public transport. There is parking on site, but by far the easiest and least stressful mode of transport has to be the tube. Here’s how to find the venue from the major London train routes:

London Overground

Kensington (Olympia) is the stop for the Overground network. It’s just one stop away from Shepherd’s Bush on the Central line, or West Brompton on the District line.

Central Line
Change at Shepherd’s Bush for the Overground.

Circle Line
Choose to get off at Hammersmith and then take a 5 minute bus ride or 15 minute walk to the venue, or High Street Kensington for a 4 minute bus ride or a 12 minute walk.

District Line
Change at West Brompton for the Overground. Alternatively, get off at West Kensington and enjoy an 8 minute walk, or High Street Kensington for a slightly longer walk.

Piccadilly Line
Hammersmith is your stop if you don’t mind a 9 minute walk.

Hammersmith & City Line
Get off at Hammersmith and catch a 5 minute bus transfer or go for a 15 minute stroll

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The ultimate Friday what’s on at IMATS guide

IMATS Friday Guide

Don’t miss a thing at IMATS 2015. Take this handy timetable with you and you’ll be ready for every talk, discussion and workshop for the day.

Time Venue What’s On Who
12:30pm – 2:30pm Club Room A masterclass in digital make-up design featuring Rod Maxwell. Booking essential. Rod Maxwell
3:00pm – 7:00pm Exhibition Hall Make-up artist PRO card event
4:30pm – 6:00pm Open Forum Stage Make-up effects design panel Neill Gorton, Steve Johnson, Mark Coulier

The ultimate Saturday what’s on at IMATS guide

IMATS Saturday Guide Don’t miss a thing at IMATS 2015. Take this handy timetable with you and you’ll be ready for every talk, discussion and workshop for the day.

Time Venue What’s On Who
10:30am – 12:00pm Main Stage Bobbi Brown Bridal Hannah Martin
Open Forum Stage Application using a combination of silicone and foam prosthetics Thomas Surprenant
11:00am – 12:00pm Apex Room Contouring with colour Penelope Gwen
11:30am – 12:30pm Club Room Becoming a flesh master – making colour theory simple Rod Maxwell
12:15pm – 1:45pm Apex Room Master effects designer Neill Gorton creates classic horror Neill Gorton
12:15pm – 1:15pm Main Stage Journey through the decades with Lan Nguyen-Grealis Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Open Forum Stage Transforming Colour Siân Richards
1:00pm – 2:30pm Club Room One bodypainting, three ways: prosthetics, airbrush and sponge Gabriela Hajek-Renner
2:00pm – 3:00pm Main Stage Creating an artistic make-up for editorials and fashion shows Einat Dan
Open Forum Stage Career retrospective with keynote speaker Jan Sewell Jan Sewell
2:45pm – 3:45pm Apex Room Setting the tone: Customise and perfect with Temptu Pro airbrush make-up Vincent Ford
3:15pm – 3:45pm Main Stage Battle of the Brushes: Character / prosthetics awards show
4:00pm – 5:00pm Main Stage ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ panel discussion Lizzie Yianni Georgiou & David White

The ultimate Sunday what’s on at IMATS guide

IMATS Sunday Guide

Don’t miss a thing at IMATS 2015. Take this handy timetable with you and you’ll be ready for every talk, discussion and workshop for the day.

Time Venue What’s On Who
11:00am – 12:00pm Apex Room Lee Pycroft: My career commandments Lee Pycroft
Main Stage The art of male make-up and the context within contemporary society David Horne, Mark Bowles
12:15pm – 1:15pm Open Forum Stage Love of beauty, creation of art by Paddy McGurgan Paddy McGurgan
Main Stage Airbrush for natural perfection Emilie Guillermin
Club Room Working with wigs in the theatre Gillian Blair
12:30pm – 1:00pm Make-Up Artist Magazine Booth #201 Exclusive book signing with David Horne and Mark Bowles David Horne, Mark Bowles
1:00pm – 2:30pm Apex Room Getting it right: How to develop and execute a strong character Sofia Bue
Main Stage The art of illusion with keynote speaker Andrew Gallimore Andrew Gallimore
2:00pm – 3:00pm Club Room The horror of war: Cliff Wallace goes behind the scenes of Kajaki Cliff Wallace
3:15pm – 3:45pm Main Stage Battle of the Brushes, Beauty / fantasy awards show
3:30pm – 4:00pm Make-Up Artist Magazine booth #201 Exclusive book signing with keynote speaker Andrew Gallimore Andrew Gallimore
4:00pm – 5:00pm Main Stage Making the most of a creative niche Phyllis Cohen
Open Forum Keynote speaker Steve Johnson Steve Johnson

Your handy floor plan and exhibitor list

Floor Plan:

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Exhibitor list:

IMATS floorplan 2015 small

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7 Tips For Switching To Cruelty-Free Products (Permanently!)

cruelty free


You’re aware of how cruel and unnecessary animal testing is, and you want to put your foot down and make a change. Where do you begin? With all the beauty brands currently available on the market, switching to cruelty-free cosmetics can be confusing. Here are 7 tips to follow for a smooth — and permanent! — transition to cruelty-free products!

1. Make it a gradual change.

You might be tempted to overhaul your complete makeup collection, skincare arsenal, bath products, and home cleaning supplies. For most people, this is too much to take on at once! Start by evaluating your products, but don’t feel pressured to make changes right away. Instead, gradually replace your products as you run out.

2. Don’t throw anything away.

Instead of trashing half-used products because they’re made by a brand that tests on animals, please don’t waste anything and please respect the environment! We all know that chemicals should not be poured down the sink, and that plastic containers should always go in the recycle bin. If you don’t want to finish up your old cosmetics, consider donating them to a friend or offering them to a fellow makeup or skincare lover.

3. Know which brands are cruelty-free.

This is crucial when making the switch to cruelty-free products. The easiest way to keep up is to bookmark or print out cruelty-free brands list from a trusted source. For beginners, I recommend the Leaping Bunny’s list of certified brands. You can also check out my own list of cruelty-free brands which includes correspondence from companies.

4. Know your bunnies.

On some packaging, you’ll find a little bunny logo. These logos try to tell you that the brand in question is cruelty-free, but not all bunny logos are created equal. There are only 3 specific bunnies that you can trust: the Leaping Bunny logo, PETA’s Caring Consumer bunny, and the Choose Cruelty-Free rabbit (see below). Any other bunny logo is not an official logo and does not indicate that the company is cruelty-free. Proceed with caution, and verify by looking at cruelty-free brands lists!

Cruelty-Free Products

5. Don’t forget your essentials.

Toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash are also mostly tested on animals. I suggest brands like Tom’s of Maine*, Desert Essence, and Jason for all your oral care needs. Deodorant is another product you might take for granted, although a large portion of the deodorants you’ll find in drugstore are tested on animals. I highly recommend ditching those and making the switch to an aluminum-free, natural deodorant. There’s also laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. Some brands to look into are Attitude, Seventh Generation, Method, and Dr. Bronner.

6. Don’t rely on dupes.

Makeup dupes, that is. A dupe is normally considered to be a more affordable alternative to a high-end product. Let’s say you’re swooning over your new high-end designer lipstick, but you discovered that the brand unfortunately tests on animals. You’re looking for an alternative. The $3 dupe you’ve found might be an approximate color match, but you might not be in love with its performance. The result? You’re going back to your tested-on-animals lipstick and you curse the cruelty-free alternative. The real solution? Look into mid-range and high-end brands. You might be surprised to know that Chantecaille, Ellis Faas, and Nars* are all cruelty-free.

7. Discover new brands and have fun!

One of the great things about switching to cruelty-free products is being able to discover new brands that are kind to animals, to the environment, and to your health. During my quest for products that aren’t tested on animals, I’ve discovered a ton of wonderful brands I love that aren’t necessarily found in drugstore aisles and retail stores. I’m positive you will too! I wish you the best of luck, and don’t shy away from smaller companies, hand-crafted cosmetics, and green beauty brands!

*Brands with an asterisk are cruelty-free, although their parent company is not.

Going to IMATS London 2015? Don’t forget these 10 essential items

What to take to IMATS?

If you’re getting ready for the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS), chances are you’ve already started planning what to take. If you’ve never been before, however, you might miss some essential items off your list, so we’ve put together this handy guide on what to take with you. Here are our top 10 most important items to make sure you don’t leave home without:

What to take

  1. Tickets: Sounds obvious, right? But really, check you’ve got your tickets in hand before you leave the house, because there will be no amount of begging on the doorstep that will get you in if you don’t!
  1. Comfy shoes: We can’t stress this enough. You are going to be on your feet, all day long. You’ll be walking the exhibitions, standing in line and rushing between workshops all day, so ditch those heels for something more foot friendly.
  1. Cross body bag: Don’t be tempted to take a massive bag with you; pretty much all the exhibitors will have funky shopping bags for you to use for your haul. Just bring a small cross body bag, big enough for your purse and camera, so those two essential items are always close at hand!
  1. Cash: Cash is faster, helps you budget better, and sometimes it’s the only option too. Some stands will not have card machines, and even when they do the Wi-Fi can sometimes play up making cash the only option.
  1. Camera: You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to photos. From incredible make-up demos to colourful product displays, there are plenty of photo opportunities so go with a clear SD card, a full battery and maybe even a charger, just in case.
  1. Make-up wipes: Trust us, you’ll be trying on a lot of make-up at the show, so bring something to wipe it off with if you don’t want to walk round looking like a crazy clown! Tissues will do, but make-up wipes are even better.
  1. Snacks: There are some food stalls at IMATS London, but they are expensive, and tend to have even bigger queues than the YSL stand! Rather than waste time queueing, bring your own healthy snacks and bottled water to keep you going through the day.
  1. Business cards: If you’re a blogger, a retailer, a vlogger or a small business of any kind, make sure you bring a stack of business cards to IMATS with you. There will be so many opportunities to network with other likeminded people, you’ll want to make sure they remember your name.
  1. Floorplan: Get familiar with the floor plan before you go, and bring the map with you on the day too. You’ll need to know who is where, and where you need to be for your planned workshops, talks and demonstrations.
  1. A friend: Take a buddy to IMATS if you can, and you’ll be glad you did. There is a whole lot of queueing to do during the day, from getting into the show to getting to the exhibitor stands. Having a friend with you can make this a little less boring, plus you get some opinions on those crazy eyeshadow colours you’ve been lusting after.

We reckon if you’ve got these 10 crucial things with you when you arrive at IMATS in London, you’re set up for a pretty awesome day out! Don’t forget to come and see Nanshy on stand 310, and to bring your £5 off voucher, which you can print out right here on the website.

How to bag the best bargains at IMATS this year?


Bargains at the IMATS

One of the most fun parts of IMATS London has to be the shopping. Vendors exhibiting at the show typically give discounts ranging from 10% to a whopping 50% or more, and some will also have exclusive products and limited editions on sale, many of which you won’t be able to buy anywhere else. Here are some top tips on bagging genuine bargains at IMATS:

Know the prices before you get there

If you’ve got your eye on some particular products, it’s worth checking what the standard prices are before you go, so you can see if you’re really getting a good deal or not. The website lists the exhibitors for IMATS London with links to their websites, making your job a pretty easy one!

Check for coupons before you go

Some exhibitors (including Nanshy!) may be offering discount coupons, money off vouchers or tickets for freebies on their website and social media feeds in the weeks leading up to the event. Check the websites and Twitter / Facebook pages of your favourite brands for coupons before you go, and print out any that you think will come in handy.

Shop with a friend

Going with a friend not only makes the event more fun, it might also unlock some amazing discounts by splitting the cost of multiple purchases. It’s unlikely you’ll want to buy 6 MoYou nail polish colours for £20 by yourself, but you could go splitsies with a friend and have three each, bagging the discount and a reasonable number of polishes too.

Get there early

There are more often than not big queues to get in, even at eight o’clock in the morning! Everyone wants to get to those deal first, so don’t be left out by turning up late.

Snap up the limited editions

If you’re eyeing up a limited edition product at a stand, buy it. Many of these brands produce only a handful of limited edition or new products, often unavailable to buy anywhere else. Grab it now, and be the envy of your friends with your exclusive item from IMATS.


Believe it or not, you can negotiate at IMATS. Sunday is the best day to haggle, as the event starts to wrap up and people start packing away. Talk, particularly to vendors that you know, have travelled a long way to be at the show, as they’re unlikely to want to lug their products back with them if they don’t have to.

Of course, if you’re a makeup professional or student, you might be eligible for the Make-Up Artist Pro Card from Make-Up Artist magazine. This card gives a discount on entry tickets to IMATS, expedited entry to the show and access to the Friday Pro card only events.

If you haven’t already got yours, be aware that processing can take up to 6 weeks, so you’ve probably missed it for 2017. But get it in time for 2018, because Pro Card holders can often unlock discounts which are unavailable to the rest of us, particularly from the big name brands.

Even if you can’t get the Pro Card, you can certainly get your hands on some red hot discounts at IMATS London 2017. Here at Nanshy, we’re offering lots of our popular, cruelty-free brushes at a discounted price. Come and see us at stand 310 to bag a bargain at the show!

IMATS 2016 recap: