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7 Dazzling Makeup Tips to Rock a Festival


With the summer season coming into full effect, it also makes it prime time for festivals too. For many, this is the highlight of the year with so many great ones to choose from. After all, who doesn’t love getting away from it all with their friends for a few days and having some fun? When you throw in some cool music and (hopefully!) the sun, it is a recipe for good times.

Of course, looking great at any festivals you go to is a key. As stars like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have shown recently, you don’t need to leave the makeup at home to rock out at your next festival. If you need a few makeup tips to be a real festival queen then read on.

1. Rainbow sunset eyeshadow

Rainbow sunset eyeshadow

This look will certainly make you stand out in the crowd – for all the right reasons! Seen most recently on Jade Thirlwall, this makeup tip will give bold, bright colour around your eyes to help them look amazing. Simply apply different rainbow colours of eyeshadow above and below your eyes to get the effect. Just remember to not put too much on and blend in well so the effect is striking rather than over-the-top. It is also best to keep your lip colour quite natural with this look too.

2. Multi-task with nude lipstick

Summer makup tips

Let’s face it – although you want to look fab while catching your favourite band, you also may not have room to pack your whole makeup bag. Take a tip from Oscar da la Renta and rely on a nude lipstick. Apply it to your lips as normal but then also blend some onto your eyelids and cheeks for a classy, glowing look.

3. Match glitter with colour

summer makeup tips, fastival glitter

Seen on Victoria Justice at the recent Coachella Music Festival, this is a great makeup tip to use. It gives really stunning results while being pretty easy to pull off. When you’re trying to get ready in a 2-person tent, that is a real bonus! Just match some bright, candy pink lipstick with a little glitter above your eyebrows for an awesome look. It gives a real touch of glamour without being too outrageous for that festival vibe.

4. Go for that hippy vibe

summer hippy vibe

Music festivals are all about peace, love and tunes so why not reflect that in your makeup? Choosing the right kind of eyeshadow can really help here, especially when teamed with messy, flowing hair and a cute maxi-dress. Pick out those LA-style shades like sunset orange to help set the look off and really get into the festival vibe.

5. Don’t forget your essential make-up bits


Blending Sponge, summer makeup essentialsSometimes it is so easy to focus on the look you want to achieve, that you forget about this altogether! Make sure to pick all the essential pieces of make-up kit you will need when rocking out. This is everything from sponges to makeup brushes and a cosmetic bag to carry it all in. After all, you can have all the make-up ideas you need but it will be to no avail with nothing to apply them with.

6. Keep it simple

summer simple makeup

When it comes to festival makeup, it is tempting to really go to town and make glitter your best friend. While this can look amazing, sometimes it can be nice to pull it back in a bit. This is especially true if you are off to a smaller, local festival. For these occasions, it is wise to apply some classy charcoal eyeliner and set the look off with a soft, pink shadow around the edge of your eyes. Teamed with a cute nude or rose-hued lipstick, this will give an elegant yet still striking look.

7. Think about accessories

summer accessoriesJust as key for the current up to date festival makeup look are facial accessories. This can be anything from subtle gold stars at the top of the cheekbone as seen on Alessandra Ambrosio or subtle specks of glitter dotted below the eyes, above the eyebrows or on the forehead. The keyword here though is subtle – it is more about adding a tiny bit of interest to draw people’s attention, rather than going overboard with it.


Of course, to help achieve many of the above looks, the best quality make-up products are vital. We stock a wide range of 100% cruelty-free, vegan make-up sponges, bags and brushes. Browse our choice today so you can rock that perfect festival look in the most ethical manner.


7 Dazzling Makeup Tips to Rock a Festival

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Nanshy® StandUp Brush Holder – Saving You Time and Money

Brush Holder

Keeping Your Makeup Essentials in One Place is Easy with a Brush Holder


Time is of the essence for any professional makeup artist or woman looking to get done as quickly as possible.
You surely do not want to scrounge around when applying makeup. This is why you would love the ease of working with Nanshy StandUp Brush Holders as the perfect Essential Makeup Pouch.

Nanshy Brush PouchAnyone using these will like the control it gives them to apply the perfect touch every single time.

Just by taking a glance at your standup brush holder, you will immediately find what you are looking for. That is true convenience and you will find it to be the best investment you could make.

Just imagine. There will be no need to go through an array of makeup bags to find

  • lipsticks
  • foundation brushes
  • eyeliners
  • mascara
  • eyelash curlers
  • and other tools

At times like these you get to realize that there is a need for a user friendly makeup collection organizer where everything is in one place.

If you are looking for a practical spiffy makeup container that can hold a wide array of accessories such as a good set of foundation brushes, then a Nanshy Standup Brush Holder is perfect for you.

You can get very creative in organizing your makeup just the way you want to with the Nanshy Standup Brush Holder. It is always handy to have your foundation brushes within arms reach.

Not to mention being able to reach for your favorite lipstick or eyeliner whenever the need arises without first pulling your hair out through being frustrated in not knowing where you placed it.
Makeup Brush HolderFor women on the move, the Nanshy Standup Brush Holder is the stylish way of being able to reach for your makeup essentials. The versatile Makeup Pouch makes for a great travel accessory where everything is right at hand when needed most. Nothing could be easier.

This is the best way for any woman to keep makeup they use the most within easy reach. This in itself is a great time saver for when you are on the go!

Makeup artists and women will be looking for a classy makeup holder where they have access to the basic essentials like lipstick, foundation brushes, eye liner, mascara, etc.

We have the solution to your space problem in the form of the very handy and stylish Nanshy Standup Brush Holder. Once you made the decision to get yourself this easy to work with Makeup Pouch, you wouldn’t want the chaos of scrounging for your essentials again.

Click the add to basket below and spoil yourself with your very own Nanshy Standup Brush Holder The Essential Makeup Pouch.

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Makeup kits for make-up artists on the go

Makeup Kits are essential part of your beauty routine.

Freelance make-up artists the world over understand what it is like to be short for time.  Whether you are at a fashion show or a photoshoot, time is always of the essence.  Whilst you may be continuously pushed to meet deadlines set by those around you, there are other ways for which you can save time at the make-up table which don’t mean compromising on the quality of your make-up application.  If you are starting out in the industry, one of the first things which you need to know is to be organized and make sure you are carrying the essentials at all times as a bare minimum.  If you have these basic kit essentials you can be sure that it will save you precious time which you can spend applying make-up when the jobs start rolling in.

Kit essentials

  • Skin care products – For removing any existing make-up, and removing the make-up after application if needed. Make sure that the skin care you are offering is for all ages, all skin tones and all skin types.
  • Disposable applicators – Hygiene is a very high priority when working with different people when you are using the same kit.  Disposable applicators are a great and vital thing to have in your kit.
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds – When performing make-up removal, skin care and also correcting your make-up these will become a necessity.
  • A small bowl – Make up and skin care products often require you add water to them so that they become usable   It’s for this reason you should seek out adding a bowl to your kit.
  • Make-up – You should include a collection of make-up which is good for use on all skin types.  This includes foundations, lipsticks, lip liner, lip gloss, blusher, mascara and eyeshadows.
  • Make-up brushes – You need a range of brushes which are suitable for all aspects of applying make-up.  For example for foundation application and blending, you may require the Nanshy range of Kabuki brushes.  For lip stick and eyeliner application, you will be looking to purchase much finer brushes.
  • Brush Cleaner – When working between individuals you will not have time to wash your brushes, therefore a brush cleaner which you can spray into the brushes between clients will maintain hygiene.
  • A bowl for waste – A make-up table will be filled with cosmetics, and so it’s important that you do not clutter it further will extra waste.  A lined waste bowl will keep your station tidy and clean.
  • Pencil sharpener – When working between individuals you will need to sharpen all of your lip liners, eyeliners and any other make-up tool which can be sharpened.  This is not only to produce a sharp end ready for use, but it is for hygiene.
  • Spatula – To remove products from their containers you need to use a spatula so that your pallet remains clean and that there isn’t any cross contamination.

Your kit at work

So if you have your kit well organized, you will be well prepared for any make-up request which may come your way.  However, you still may find that as a make-up artist, you may be rushed into doing a makeover in a very short period of time.  So how can you further organize yourself so as to leave more time for make-up application, rather than organizing your kit?


StandUp Brush Holderbrush holder

One great way to cut down your application time, is improving how the items sit on the table.  Artists tend to store away their brushes in make-up brush cases.  These cases have designated slots for various brushes.  They are a great way to keep all of your brushes neat and tidy.  However, many find them inconvenient at the make-up station.  This is simply because not only does it use alot of space up on the station, but it takes time to put your brushes in and out of the case while applying make-up.

To remove this problem, a great product to purchase is something called a standup brush holder.  This is a container which will sit on any workstation and provide you with a neat and tidy spot where you can put all of your brushes.  At Nanshy, you can purchase a StandUp brush holder which has been tried and tested by professionals with make-up artists in mind.  When working on make-up, you can switch easily between brushes with this container, unlike the flat brush organizers you may use to store your brushes in.

So often make-up artists need to work in small places, be it in a hotel for a wedding, or that special party – therefore we need to learn ways which we can improve on space at the work station.  With a standup brush holder you will have more space, and spend less time switching between brushes, and instead you will have more time to perfect that picture perfect make-up.

Whilst starting out as a make-up artist may be daunting, there are many tips and tricks you can take to learn the essentials, and will allow you to make the most of your early photoshoots.  Having a good photograph for your portfolio is an important way to build up your career as an artist, so being organized is vital if you want to give yourself more time doing the make-up.

These tips above on what to put in your kit are just a tip of the ice berg when it comes to learning how to be a great make-up artist.  Nevertheless, organization and knowing what you need in your kit is one of the early and most important things you will need to learn to set you on your way.

What is your opinion? Please share your thoughts and follow our blog for more posts from beauty industry…

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Valentine’s Day make-up ideas

2018: 6 Celebrity-Inspired Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

Valentine’s Day, a perfect time where you can spend thinking of new ways to do your make-up.   The great thing about rediscovering make-up specifically for Valentine’s Day is that you will be looking for a natural and flawless look which can be adapted and used all year round.

Valentines make-up has no rules, however there some inspirational looks which can be taken from some sources such as romantic movies like The Notebook.  If you want to get some initial inspiration this is a great place to begin.  There are also of course handy tips right here on the Nanshy blog which you can read and use.  See these tips outlined below which are perfect to try this Valentine ’s Day.

Extra sparkle to your smoky eye

You may be used to having the smoky eye for your favourite evening look and for Valentine’s Day you can give this look an extra sparkle.  Eye shadows which contain a natural shimmer are great to add an extra vivacity to your eye make-up.  When creating your regular smoky eye, it is a good idea to use three shades close to each other and build them up.  When adding shimmer you can replace one or two of those layers with a shimmer or a glittery eye shadow.  By layering a shimmery or glittery eye shadow, next to a none shimmer or glittery eye shadow will give the most striking effect.  Natural eye shadow colours close to your skin tone are also a great look in replace of darker smoky colours for Valentine’s Day.


For Valentine’s Day you want to look natural, however you still want your skin to look flawless and have some colour.  If you have pretty flawless skin, a tinted moisturiser will give the most natural effect.   Mineral foundation is also fairly light in coverage and is also good if you want a matt finish to your make-up.  If perhaps you wear a heavier make-up and want to tone it down for Valentine’s Day, why not just use a little less foundation than you normally do? To achieve that flawless look for those who maybe prone to breakouts for example, it is good idea a higher coverage is needed but perhaps use a little subtle blush instead to keep it natural.  If you are using a high coverage foundation make sure you blend in well to achieve that natural look.  By investing in some kabuki foundation brushes such as the range produced by Nanshy you can get that airbrushed look with ease.

makeup brushes


Use blusher as a flush rather than to define

Blusher is a great way to bring colour to your make-up, and it can also help with contouring.  You may be so used to applying blusher in a particular way; you may not realize the possibilities of application.  Blusher is most commonly applied to the apples of the cheeks to add colour and define them.  However, for that natural, yet pretty Valentine’s Day make-up, you could perhaps use the blusher to create a “flushed” look.  This is where the blusher is not applied in a very controlled way, but is generously applied to the apple of the cheeks and a little beyond this area.  The idea is to put pink in areas of the cheeks which are naturally prone to turning pink for a more natural finish.

They  key to this look is making sure the blusher is well blended in so the finish looks as natural as possible.  The flat top buffer foundation brush by Nanshy is a wonderful kabuki brush which is ideal for blending in the blusher to your base foundation without streaks.

Smudge free lips

You may think red lipstick is the most typical colour used for lips on Valentine’s Day.  However, natural lip colours are also very flattering for that romantic date.  If you want to make sure that your lips say mess free on your romantic evening then it may be an idea to leave that red lipstick at home.  Ideal alternatives include lip stains and tints which will stay firmly in place all night.  If you want a very minimal look, lip balm is another option.  If you do use a minimal lip look then be sure to play up your eyes.

Long but natural looking lashes

Aiming for a natural, pretty, yet striking look on Valentine’s Day is a good way to approach your make-up.  One way to enhance your eyes is by using artificial lashes.  Strip lashes will enhance your lashes all the way across, and individual lashes you can be more selective.   For Valentine’s Day it may be an idea to apply 3-4 individual lashes to the outer corner of your eyes to keep the look natural and pretty.

Do you have a favourite make-up tip you would like to share with our readers?  Comment below!


Beautiful young blond woman holding a red rose


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Makeup tips for applying blush

Tips for applying blusher

beautiful young woman with healthy faceMany of us tend to apply blusher the same way each day, however there are so many ways which you can be really versatile with your blusher.  You can not only achieve different looks by using different blusher products, but by applying blusher in different ways.  This guide will take you through the different blusher products available and also how to apply them to give very different looks.

Blusher types

Powder blusher

Powder blushers are really popular and are great for that soft elegant finish.  This blusher is great to use over matt foundation as it complements the matt texture really well.  As this is a powdered product, it’s great for all skin types; however, it may look flaky on those with very dry skins.

Cream blusher

Cream blushers are great if you want that dewy effect on the skin.  For this reason, they compliment foundations which have an added radiance to them.  They also compliment tinted moisturisers really well for that natural fresh look.  Using a cream blusher is great for all skin types apart from really oily skins as the cream blush may be too heavy for the skin.  To apply a cream blush stipple on with a flat top kabuki brush by Nanshy; then blend and contour.

Liquid blusher

The liquid blusher is great to use on top of your foundation.  What is also really good about liquid foundations is that you can really get an intense colour from using these.  To apply a dot to the area you want to apply blush and blend.  The best way of blending is to use your fingers at first as liquid is so fine.  Once you have done this you can further blend with a Nanshy flat top buffer brush so that the result looks seamless.  Liquid blushers can be used for all skin types apart from maybe the more mature skins as this blusher tends to exaggerate any imperfections and lines in the skin.

 Different ways to apply your blusher

Classic blush: A classic blush looks great on everyone.  To apply, use a cream, liquid or powder blusher over the apple of the cheeks and run the blush along the cheekbone towards the temple.  You can make this look really structured with a strong line along the cheekbone, or you can make this look more subtle with a softer line along the cheekbone.

Apply as a natural flush:

This is a great look at a natural finish.  The idea is that you want to apply the blush where you naturally go pink in the cheeks.  This is great to wear with a simple daytime make-up.  To apply, apply some blusher product to the apples of the cheeks then slowly fade it down a little past the cheekbones, a little towards the nose, and up towards the temple.  Once you have done this you can further blend with a Nanshy flat top buffer brush if needed.

Apply blush as a “dolly” style:

This is a great distinctive look for both day and the evening.  To achieve this look apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks only.  You don’t need to apply blusher to any other areas, but you can blend with a Nanshy flat top buffer brush to blend out the look.


Applying blush to contour

Contouring products like foundations, bronzers and liquid highlighters can all help balance out our face.  However, you can do this with blusher as well.  The ideal face shape is an oval one, you can find your face shape from looking at the following this link from the Channel 4 website (click here)  If you want to alter the shape of your face with blusher contouring follow these simple rules:

Round face:  If you have a round face shape then you want to draw attention away from the side of the cheeks. To do this apply blush on the cheeks and towards the ear.  The blush will act as a shader and narrow the face.

Square face:  For this face shape you want to draw attention to the centre of the face, rather than along the jawline and forehead.  For this shape apply blusher towards the centre of the cheeks rather than towards the ear.

Long face: For this face shape you may want to make the appearance of your face look wider than it is.  To do this with blusher, apply it directly along the cheekbones to highlight and draw attention to the width of the face.

Triangle face:  For this face shape, the widest part of the face will be the jaw, as opposed to the forehead and cheekbone area.  To balance out the face with this face shape, use a blusher to draw attention to the centre of the face.  To achieve this apply a flush to the cheek area.  See above on how to do a flush blusher. 

Heart face: A heart-shaped face will appear wider in the forehead and cheekbone area, than the jawline.  For a heart-shaped face, you want to draw attention away from the top half of the face.  To do this with your blusher, apply it on the lower parts of the cheekbone area and blend towards the temple.


Share with our readers how you do your blusher.  Comment below!