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How to create HD brows at home

Cara Brows hd eyebrows at home

Big, bold eyebrows are in. We all want the defined arch that is thicker and bolder than our own. But how do we achieve this?

There are so many options made available to us to create that fuller-looking brow. There are pencils, powders, pomades and gels on the market, as well as the option of semi-permanent makeup.

These desired brows can be achieved with a step-by-step guide we’ve created for you. With a few techniques and tools, you’re able to create those HD brows at home. Now we can all look like Cara Delevingne!


Begin by investing in a good powder palette, pencil or pomade that is best suited to you and your eyebrow colour. HD Brows do a great palette, which suits every hair colour. Today, Remy’s using the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade which suits her sparse brows.


Mark three points onto your eyebrows. This should be where your eyebrows start, arch and finish. This will make the application easier, and the arch more defined and precise.


Outline your shape by following the three marks you have just done. To help create sharp and defined line try using an angled brush. Our brow brush is perfect for using both on the wax and powder to help create a defined shape.

Use short and soft brush strokes to fill in the sparse areas of your brows. This technique mimics the brows hairs making them look naturally fuller without being drawn on. If you want a more natural looking brow, you can use a brow powder create a softer and subtle colour.


If you find the brush strokes to be harsh, blend it out with a spoolie. This will also blend away the harsh edges of the outline so that it looks natural. If you’re satisfied with the way it looks, take any brow gel to set the brow hairs in place. Remy is using the Benefit Gimme Brow to also add more volume to her brows.


Repeat the steps again on your other brow. Remember your eyebrows are sisters and not twins. You will not be able to create the exact same shape on both brows and this is perfectly normal.


This step is optional. Apply a highlighter underneath each of your eyebrows. This will give the eyebrows a more lifted shape and will brighten your eyes as well.

So now you have created gorgeous full looking brows, which was probably easier than you thought it would be! Make sure you keep to a shape and style your face will suit.

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Chroming Tutorial Using Makeup Brushes and Lipstick

Chroming: highlighting with lipstick


Is ‘chroming’ just a short term gimmick or is it a natural evolution from strobing?

Pixiwoo's seems to think it could be a bit of both. Cosmopolitan calls chroming “a fancy term for highlighting”.

Whatever you may call it, chroming has taken Instagram and the media by storm.

What is Chroming?

Chroming is a highlighting technique devised by Mac Cosmetics’ Senior Makeup Artist, Dominic Skinner.

Using the newly-released Mac x Mariah Carey lipstick 'All I want' and applying it to the skin rather than the lips, Dominic created a look that features shimmering cheekbones and highlighted parts of the face that catch the light and emphasise the face shape.

With this technique you simply can enhance your features as you might do in strobing – such as your cheekbones, your temples, the bridge of your nose or below your brow bone. Some may wish to emphasise the corners of their eyes, chin, or the cupid's bow.

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Chroming: highlighting with lipstick

Our Chroming Tutorial:


Chroming Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Depending on your skin tone, apply a lipstick paler than your skintone to highlight the areas of your face you wish to chrome. Next, blend this first layer of lipstick using a brush such as the Conceal Perfector

Chroming Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Gently blend out the lipstick around the desired areas you’re highlighting onto the surrounding skin – just as you might if you were applying a rouge.

Blending in Chroming

Now, take your shimmery or frosty lipstick and apply it over the area you’ve just smoothed out. You can afford to apply thick lines of lipstick depending on how strong you want the final effect to look. It’s a matter of choice.

Taking the same brush that you’ve just used, blend the shimmery lipstick onto your cheekbones, brow bone or chin with a light hand. You don’t want the two layers of lipstick to merge into one - you want the shimmery lipstick to sit on top of the paler lipstick for the right effect.

In its simplest form, that is all there is to achieving the ‘chrome’ effect.

Chroming Makeup Tutorial Step 5

If you wish to be precise about chroming in areas such as the inner corner of the eyes, cupid’s bow or nose bridge, you might want to use a smaller brush such as the Blending Brush.

What brushes will you need?

Pick from our wide range including black and white handles below:

Enjoyed it?

Like everything creative, it will take a little practice to get the look you’re happy with, but essentially, that’s all there is to it…

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[Video Tutorial] Back to school makeup look

[youtube ]

Products I used in this video:

Makeup Kit Bag – available soon. Add your email below to be first to know about the pricing and launch date:

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Valentine’s Day make-up ideas

2018: 6 Celebrity-Inspired Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

Valentine’s Day, a perfect time where you can spend thinking of new ways to do your make-up.   The great thing about rediscovering make-up specifically for Valentine’s Day is that you will be looking for a natural and flawless look which can be adapted and used all year round.

Valentines make-up has no rules, however there some inspirational looks which can be taken from some sources such as romantic movies like The Notebook.  If you want to get some initial inspiration this is a great place to begin.  There are also of course handy tips right here on the Nanshy blog which you can read and use.  See these tips outlined below which are perfect to try this Valentine ’s Day.

Extra sparkle to your smoky eye

You may be used to having the smoky eye for your favourite evening look and for Valentine’s Day you can give this look an extra sparkle.  Eye shadows which contain a natural shimmer are great to add an extra vivacity to your eye make-up.  When creating your regular smoky eye, it is a good idea to use three shades close to each other and build them up.  When adding shimmer you can replace one or two of those layers with a shimmer or a glittery eye shadow.  By layering a shimmery or glittery eye shadow, next to a none shimmer or glittery eye shadow will give the most striking effect.  Natural eye shadow colours close to your skin tone are also a great look in replace of darker smoky colours for Valentine’s Day.


For Valentine’s Day you want to look natural, however you still want your skin to look flawless and have some colour.  If you have pretty flawless skin, a tinted moisturiser will give the most natural effect.   Mineral foundation is also fairly light in coverage and is also good if you want a matt finish to your make-up.  If perhaps you wear a heavier make-up and want to tone it down for Valentine’s Day, why not just use a little less foundation than you normally do? To achieve that flawless look for those who maybe prone to breakouts for example, it is good idea a higher coverage is needed but perhaps use a little subtle blush instead to keep it natural.  If you are using a high coverage foundation make sure you blend in well to achieve that natural look.  By investing in some kabuki foundation brushes such as the range produced by Nanshy you can get that airbrushed look with ease.

makeup brushes


Use blusher as a flush rather than to define

Blusher is a great way to bring colour to your make-up, and it can also help with contouring.  You may be so used to applying blusher in a particular way; you may not realize the possibilities of application.  Blusher is most commonly applied to the apples of the cheeks to add colour and define them.  However, for that natural, yet pretty Valentine’s Day make-up, you could perhaps use the blusher to create a “flushed” look.  This is where the blusher is not applied in a very controlled way, but is generously applied to the apple of the cheeks and a little beyond this area.  The idea is to put pink in areas of the cheeks which are naturally prone to turning pink for a more natural finish.

They  key to this look is making sure the blusher is well blended in so the finish looks as natural as possible.  The flat top buffer foundation brush by Nanshy is a wonderful kabuki brush which is ideal for blending in the blusher to your base foundation without streaks.

Smudge free lips

You may think red lipstick is the most typical colour used for lips on Valentine’s Day.  However, natural lip colours are also very flattering for that romantic date.  If you want to make sure that your lips say mess free on your romantic evening then it may be an idea to leave that red lipstick at home.  Ideal alternatives include lip stains and tints which will stay firmly in place all night.  If you want a very minimal look, lip balm is another option.  If you do use a minimal lip look then be sure to play up your eyes.

Long but natural looking lashes

Aiming for a natural, pretty, yet striking look on Valentine’s Day is a good way to approach your make-up.  One way to enhance your eyes is by using artificial lashes.  Strip lashes will enhance your lashes all the way across, and individual lashes you can be more selective.   For Valentine’s Day it may be an idea to apply 3-4 individual lashes to the outer corner of your eyes to keep the look natural and pretty.

Do you have a favourite make-up tip you would like to share with our readers?  Comment below!


Beautiful young blond woman holding a red rose


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Our tips on Choosing a Foundation for any skin type

When it comes to choosing a foundation, there are different factors which are useful to consider.  The first thing is to be aware of your skin type.Beautiful woman  Skin types include normal, dry, oily and combination skins.  As foundations come in a variety of consistencies, some of them are more suitable for certain skin types compared to others.  The second thing to consider is what look you are going for as the foundation type will vary depending upon the overall look you want to achieve.


Cream foundations are the thickest consistency of all the foundations.  Their consistency arises from its oil based formulation.  As the texture of these foundations is thicker, they also offer the highest coverage.  This means they are great if you want to achieve a heavy look, or if you want to use foundations which offer the highest coverage to help even out your skin tone, these are for you.  As cream foundations are oilier, they are great for those with drier skins.

To use cream foundations you can apply with a sponge, brush or with your fingers.  Brushes especially designed for foundation, such as the Nanshy kabuki foundation brushes range are great at achieving that airbrushed look with your cream foundations.  Simply apply to the face starting with the nose, then over the cheeks, forehead and jaw line. The bristles on these brushes are dense, soft and also have sculpted ends to take care of the application.  The dense bristles means that you will be avoiding those streaky finishes as you would with a paddle brush.  The soft bristles also means you will be producing streak free results and will be soft on the skin.  The sculpted end of the brushes can also help with the application of your foundation.  The flat angled buffer brush is great for the application of your foundation as the angle of the brush allows for the foundation to be spread across the face easily.


Liquid foundations are thinner than your cream based foundations as they are water based. As they are a thinner consistency, this also means in this case that they give less coverage than your cream foundations.  Liquid foundation also dries quickly once they are applied to the skin. This means that they should also be applied quickly.  Similarly you can use the Nanshy kabuki brushes to apply a liquid foundation.  These will allow for a quick and even coverage for your liquid foundations. These water based foundations are good for oily skins as they do not add oil to the skin.  Some liquid foundations however do contain some oils so always read the labels if you are looking for an oil free product.


Powdered foundation provides the lightest coverage of all of the foundations.  It is particularly good if you have sensitive or oily skin as the foundation provides a minimal coverage and tends to help control any oiliness of the skin. Powdered foundations need to be applied with a foundation brush.  If you are using powdered foundations, it is therefore really important to find good brushes to use.  The range of Nanshy brushes is also perfect for the foundation of powders.

Finding a foundation to suit you may depend on your skin type, but also remember that your skin type may change overtime.  Therefore, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on your skin type so that your foundations will always provide the best coverage for you.

Coverage and skin type are two of the factors which you should consider when choosing a foundation, however there is also a third.  The range of looks you can achieve with different foundations is restricted, so the type of look you are trying to achieve, will determine the foundation you will use.

For example if you are looking for a natural day look, you may not want to use a high coverage foundation such as a cream foundation.  Instead you may want to use a liquid or a powdered foundation for a lighter coverage.  For an evening look where you really want to make the eyes and the lips heavier for example, you may want to use a cream foundation as it will give you a heavier and more flawless look.

Don’t forget there are no strict rules when it comes to experimenting with make-up.  As well as gaining ideas from articles such as this, the best way of discovering what is most suitable for you is trying out different foundations yourself, and seeing what works best.

Share your thoughts with us at Nanshy, comment below!