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How To Get The Latest Celebrity Makeup Looks?

 We all love to look like our favourite celebrities as they grace the stage, hit the catwalk or appear on-screen. From style tips to beauty guides, we can’t stop imitating celebs! Nanshy has put together a handy guide to recreate three strong celebrity looks that we know you’ll go crazy for. Get your Nanshy brushes at the ready!


celebrity makeup makeup adele
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She’s currently on hiatus while she raises her baby boy, but Adele’s beauty lookbook took on a strong style in recent years and is still popular today. The 60s-inspired beehive she wears in her hair, coupled with chic black dresses and lashings of eyeliner makes for one slick songstress!

6 easy steps to recreate Adele’s look. All starts with flawless, airbrushed base.

  1. Use a water-based foundation to keep it just the right side of natural and ensure your foundation doesn’t look ‘caked on’.
  2. Then choose a dewy blush with a small amount of shimmer – don’t overdo it! This look is all about subtlety until we get to the showstopping eyes!
  3. Using a lip brush, choose a gorgeous peachy pink shade of lipstick that will give your lips just enough shimmer to stand out but without detracting from the eyes, which are the key to this look.
  4. Now – the eyes! Opt for metallic eyeshadows like burnished bronze or charcoal grey with a hint of shimmer to make sure your peepers are the star of the show. Using the eyeliner brush, carefully line your upper lid and create a cat-eye look with flicks towards the temple – bonus points if you get both eyes matching the first time!
  5. Then press on your glamorous fake eyelashes and head off to wow the crowds!

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne celebrity makeup makeup
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Cara is the model-of-the-moment right now, and we’ve had plenty of questions about her signature look. We’ll get to those brows in a second – first, let’s focus on the base.

Cara likes a fuss-free look, so if you’re confident enough in your own skin, just dap a little concealer on your brow bones and cheeks and you’re good to go! If you need a little more coverage to even out your skin tone, consider trying to make it look a little more natural with some fake freckles – yes, you heard us right! Fake freckles are all the rage right now, with many cosmetics companies bringing out their own freckle pencils. It’s not such a rare thing – in years gone by many women would draw on a fake beauty spot; this is just an extension of that.

Next up, the lips. Again, you want to adhere to that much-loved make-up tip – it’s eyes or lips, never both! And with those bold brows and incredible green eyes, Cara isn’t one for a bold lip too, as it can feel like a little too much. Smudge on some lip balm or a gorgeous nude shade and you’re good to go.

Lastly, the eyes! Cara’s stand-out feature is obviously those eyebrows, and she likes to play up her lovely eyes as much as possible. Using an eyeshadow brush, line your eyelid and socket with a shimmering base, to begin with, then work your magic with darker shades towards the outer edge of the eye for a perfect smoky look. Grab an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush with dark eyeshadow and define those brows, but make sure they’re not too precise – Cara’s look is all about care-free attitude, so the more natural-looking, the better. You’ll be ready to own the catwalk in no time!

Now you’re ready to recreate these looks. Which one do you prefer? Is there another celebrity would you like us to cover? Awaiting your thoughts. Comment below.
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Re-creating the Top Terrifying & Impressive Halloween Make-up Looks

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is quite possibly the best holiday when it comes to getting creative with your look. Anything goes, and the more outrageous and outstanding the better. It’s the perfect time to really experiment with make-up. See how creative you can be and test your skills!

At this time of year I love doing some online research to see what other make-up enthusiasts out there have been doing. Halloween is all about having fun and being daring, so this year why not try a new Halloween make-up look. Dig out your sponges and your face paints and transform yourself for one night only, with our top picks of Halloween make-up looks, complete with step by step guides-

1. Skeleton

Skeleton Halloween makeup

Image Credits: Anjelika Temple

If you’re thinking of channelling your inner skeleton this Halloween, no skeleton look would be complete with out a kick ass make-up look. Here’s how to create an impressive skeleton look:

1. First things first, prep the skin! You’ll be using heavy make-up and it needs to be applied to a clean and smooth base. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. Avoid using a primer as some can sit on top of the skin rather than sink in, and face paints sit better on natural skin.

2. Once your moisturiser has sunk in you’re ready to get started. Take a clean make-up sponge and dip into a white face paint. Apply to the face using a buffing motion. Make sure the white is more concentrated in the centre of the face, don’t worry about your eyelids as you’re going to black these out.

3. The end result will be an all whitened face, with some skin tone still showing a little towards the outer corners of your face.

4. Next take a clean mineral make-up brush, our large shader eye make-up brush works brilliantly, as it’s small enough to create detail and soft to use for shading. Apply a little black face paint to the brush and begin to build up the colour.

5. Start with the areas you want to completely black out. To create the look above shade around the eyes, blocking out the eyelids, up to the eyebrows, and underneath the eyes. Think about your bone structure and follow the hollow of your eye socket, blacking out your eyebrows too. Build up the colour until you are happy.

6. Now it’s time to black out your nose. Again follow your bone structure, but also blacking out the tip. Use the shader brush to buff in the paint carefully, building it up to a deep black. Shape carefully around the top of your nose, stopping in line with the bottom of your eyes and finishing with an ‘M’ shape.

Skeleton makeup look

7. Next tackle the hollow of your cheek bones. Starting at your ear suck in your cheeks to reveal the hollow. Using the same brush from the ear start with a large block out that that comes out and tucks in under your cheek bone. Then start to angle down towards your mouth in a thinner line. You will feel where your mouth starts, you need to black out the gap in between your jaw, curling up and finishing just above your mouth.

8. Next add some detail. Your lips should be white and you’ll need to add some ‘teeth.’ Take a thin brush, our precise bent eye-liner brush is perfect. Dip the end into your black paint and brush vertical lines along the top and bottom lip.

9. Add some shading, paint in short lines coming up from the eyebrows, black out along the hair line on one side, and paint in a few lines along the temples.

10. For a super dark look take a deep black lose powder shadow and apply with a soft brush to the completely blacked out areas such as the nose and eyes.

Tip: Spray a little hair spray from a distance over your face to help stop colour rubbing off and onto clothes. Click to Tweet!

2. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

Day of the dead make-up has been becoming increasingly popular at Halloween, and allows you to get even more creative with make-up, using colour and various techniques.

Create the perfect day of the dead make-up look, complete with pin up hair to really impress this Halloween-

day of the dead makeup tutorial

Image Credits: Beautylish

1. Sugar skull make-up can either be done with a white base or a skin tone base. For a more dramatic and deadly look go for a white base, blocking out the skin with white face paint applied with a sponge. For a more decorative but natural look opt for a foundation base, applied with a foundation brush for an even cover, check out some foundation brushes here.

2. Once you have applied your base next you need to complete your black out areas. Using a small soft brush black out the sockets of the eyes, going over and slightly above the eyebrows using a black face paint. Do the same with the tip of your nose, creating a heart like shape and drawing two lines up the nose a little on either side. Also black out the dip that’s between the nose and mouth.

3. Take a thinner brush such as the Nanshy precise bent eye-liner brush. From the corners of your mouth draw a thin line up and towards your ears, stopping just before you reach the edge of your face. Do this on both sides.

4. Using the same brush draw vertical lines from above your top lip to under your bottom lip. This creates a ‘sewn’ effect. Do these in a line along your mouth and along the lines you have drawn extending out from your mouth for about an inch along.

5. Next add some detail using a little colour. Choose soft colours such as pale pinks, greens and greys for a subtle look, or bright colours such as reds and blues for a bold look. A sugar skull should be complete with swirls, roses, and lacing.

6. Start by drawing the outline of a rose on your chin using a grey liner pencil. Fill in with your chosen colours using a soft brush. Add some detail to your cheeks using the grey liner pencil, opting for a swirl or elaborate looking lines.

7. Add detail to the eyes, taking a black eye liner pencil and drawing a circle around your blacked out sockets, leaving a 1cm gap. Create a lacing effect by adding small semi circles all the way around on the outside of the circle.

8. Next add detail to the forehead, creating a spider web effect. Draw five lines using your grey liner, starting in between the eyebrows going upwards and out across the forehead, then link together drawing lines across horizontally.

9. Finally finish with a touch of glitter, using it to bring out the details. Barry M Glitter Fix Gel works brilliantly. To add an extra bit of sparkle apply some face gems around the eyes and to the web.

Tip: Wear hair in plaits wrapped up around the head to accentuate the make-up look.Click to Tweet!

3. Living Doll

Possibly one of the creepiest looks going, the ‘living doll’ look is a sure why to freak people out this Halloween. A ‘prettier’ look than many Halloween make-up styles, the living doll make-up allows you to play on your own natural features, find out how here-

Doll makeup look

Image Credits: Hannah Leigh

1. The doll look requires a flawless base. Start with a primer and let it sink in. Apply concealer using a Conceal Perfector brush, apply under the eyes, around the nose and cover any blemishes.

2. Next apply your foundation using a foundation brush, apply a little heavier than you would usually, making sure your skin tone is completely even. Set with a pale powder using a Kabuki make-up brush.

3. Brush smooth and fill in your brows using a pencil, setting with a brow wax. The doll look requires perfection, so eyebrows must have a strong arch and be smooth.

4. The next step is to make your eyes look double their size. First take a white eye-liner and fill in your bottom lid. Using the same pencil shade in the underneath of your eyes, this is to create a look of the whites of the eyes to make the lower lid look like it is much further down. Use the same pencil to carefully block out the colour in your lower lashes too.

5. Take a black liquid eye-liner and draw on a new lower lash line along the edge of the white under the eyes. Draw on individual lashes too. Next apply a shadow to the top lid, blue or purple are great choices. Shade high up into the socket using a shading eyeshadow brush. To finish the eyes apply a little mascara followed by a set of full false lashes to each eye.

6. Next you will need to create a doll like mouth, complete with a sewn lips look. Using the same foundation you used for your base block out your lips so they are the same colour as your skin. Next apply a lipstick to the middle of the lips, leaving the sides flesh coloured. A red or a pink works best.

7. Take a black pencil liner and draw a line from the outer corners of the mouth up towards the ears, stopping just before. Add crosses and vertical lines along the line to create a sewn mouth effect.

Tip: Wear hair in bunches or plaits for an authentic ‘doll’ look.Click to Tweet!


These are my top picks for Halloween make-up for 2014, what are your favourite looks? Let me know by commenting below and make sure you mention what look you’ll be going for this Halloween!

If you’d like to share this post with your friends on social media simply click the social sharing buttons below, nice and easy.

Remember to take the chance to get really creative with make-up this year. Happy Halloween!

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Revamp your Make-up Brush Collection for Autumn/Winter 2014


As Autumn starts to set in and the temperature starts to drop, now is a good a time as any to think about revamping your make-up brush and tools collection. It’s important to change your collection to reflect your current make-up look, and also replace any that are tired or a little worn to keep your make-up looking fresh and flawless.

Out With the Old

Just like anything else, make-up brushes can be over used and start to suffer, with bristles becoming less soft and sometimes starting to shed.

Now is a great time to sit down with your make-up box and start to work through everything. If any of your brushes are thinning or the handles have cracks, chips or a lot of discolouration it’s time to get rid. Brushes of a low quality will of course not last very long and may need replacing more regularly.

Keeping Clean

Those brushes which you keep can be made as good as new with a deep clean. Brushes should be cleaned at least once a month, because you use them on your skin they can be a cause for blemishes if they’re not regularly cleansed, even the best luxury brushes need a good clean and looking after properly.

Here’s how to clean your brushes:

1. Run brushes one by one under lukewarm water to help remove product trace and any fluff etc.

2. Fill a bowl with more lukewarm water and squeeze in some shampoo. Use your hand to lather the soap.

3. Swirl your brush tips in the water, gently rub them between your finger tips to work the soap through. Be careful with delicate brushes so as to not dislodge any bristles.

4. Rinse the tips under running water again to remove any excess dirt and soap.


5. Lay flat to dry on a clean surface.

Top Tip: We love this creative idea for a great way to dry your brushes:

In With the New

Buying great quality brushes will ensure you have to replace them far less regularly, and when you look after them properly brushes can last for a long time. Any basic make-up kit will need the following:

A foundation brush or sponge, eyelash curlers, a variety of different sized eye shadow brushes or an eye brush set, a blush and bronze brush, a kabuki brush and a lip brush.

For more tips on building the perfect make-up brush kit see our blog post ‘The Perfect Capsule Collection of Make-up Brushes.’

Consider the changes you might be making to your routine or your make-up look in autumn/winter. As seasons change our skin care regime should too, as well as our make-up look. As autumn starts to set in we should lighten up on the bronzer, instead opting for a soft blush.

Winter make-up trends often favour a darker eye or lip, whether you’re opting for a smoky brown eye this autumn, or a 60’s eye-liner flick, you need the tools to achieve a flawless look, Nanshy brushes come in all shapes and sizes so you can buy the ideal brushes for the look you want to achieve. Nanshy make-up brush holders are also available so you can take all the lengths necessary to look after your brushes properly.

What are your make-up kit essentials? What changes will you be making to your look for autumn/winter 2014? I’d love to know, comment in the box below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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Perfecting the Vampy Autumn/Winter Bold Berry Lip

A little while back, when Autumn had just begun, we posted about the berry lip, which for the last few years has been a big trend in autumn/winter, read the post here. It makes such a great change to move forward from pretty pale pinks and nudes in summer, to a more vampy and bold colour in winter, that looks great with winter flushed skin and cosy coats.

If you want to give the bold berry lip trend a go this year here’s your guide to creating the perfect lipstick look, that will last for hours, perfect for your next big event!

Preparation Makes Perfect

When it comes to bold lip colours it’s important to prep the lip first. Not only does this make your lip colour last longer, it will also give a bolder and immaculate finish. Here’s how to prepare the lips for a dark colour-

1. Buff your lips using a tooth brush, buy one specifically for this purpose as it’s great to keep your lips soft on a daily basis. Lightly buff the lips to remove dry skin. Now your lips will be even in texture and soft.

2. Use a lip primer that will make your colour last longer, or use a pale concealer as a base. By using a concealer this blocks out the natural colour of your lips meaning your colour will look bolder. Use a lip brush to get an even coverage of concealer.

Build Your Colour

Lip liner

Once you have prepared your lips it’s now time to apply your colour, and the more you build it up the bolder it will be. Here’s how-

1. Take a lip liner as close in colour to your chosen shade of lipstick as possible. Start by lining the top lip, working along outer line of the lip, carefully lining the cupids bow. Next line the bottom of the lip, again lining along the outer line of the lip.

2. Next begin to fill in your lips with your chosen lipstick. Wind up the lipstick and take a clean lip brush, swirl it in the top of the lipstick so that the colour lightly coats the brush. Start to buff if into your top lip, being careful not to work outside of your lip liner. Do thesame on the bottom lip.

3. Blot the lips to remove excess colour. If you feel like you’d like your colour to be bolder, repeat the process again until you’re happy with your colour.

Finishing Touches

berry lip

Now you’ve perfectly applied your colour, next is to decide if you want to add any finishing touches. If you’d rather stick with a semi-matte look leave your lips as they are. If you’d like to add some shine for a more glamorous look there are two great options. For a low maintenance shine pat on a little Vaseline with your middle finger. For a stand out shine try a clear gloss, apply this with a lip brush so as to not use too much product.

So now you know how to create an on trend lip look why not give it a go yourself. This trend suits most skin tones and is a great way to mix up your make-up look. With just a few make-up brushes, a berry lipstick and lip liner you can create a whole new look.

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Five Effortlessly Chic Hairstyles You Should Definitely Try

Elegant Short Hair Braided Steps

My clients always tell me how they are so bored of the everyday ponytails and messy buns. If that’s the case for you too, then let me tell you how you can upgrade your hairstyle with the minimum amount of effort. A few simple styling hacks can turn modest dos into chic hairstyles.

It only takes a bit a creativity and a few easy tricks to look fantastic. This is why I want to tell you all about my favorite five unbelievably easy hairstyles. They will change the way you style your hair, and they will help you look gorgeous every single time.

1. The Stylish Fishtail Braid and Ponytail Look

Tired of the classic ponytail hairstyle? Truth be told, so am I. If you want to give an entirely new spin on your everyday look, then make a simple fishtail braid around it. This chic hairdo takes less than 15 minutes to do, even for beginners. In fact, this is one of my favorite things about it. You already know how to do a great ponytail, so let me tell you how you can turn it into a true statement look.

  • Get your ponytail ready, but keep a bit of hair on your side.
  • Use the hair on your side to make a simple braid.
  • Pull onto each loop of your simple braid to turn it into a stunning fishtail braid.
  • To complete this amazing look, take your lovely fishtail braid and place it around the base of your ponytail.
  • Secure it with a pin and you are done! Fantastic, right?


2. The Astonishing Braided Bun Look

This gorgeous hairstyle looks absolutely fantastic on eye-popping pink or burgundy and blonde hair. Don’t you just love the smashing contrast between bold hair colors and classy updos? This braided bun is extremely easy to do. In fact, you should be done in less than 10 minutes. Here’s what you need to do!

  • Separate your hair into two equal pieces.
  • Gently twist each side at the base.
  • Grab both sides and use a small hair band to tie them together.
  • Make a loose braid.
  • To turn this unimpressive braid into a classy bun, all you have to is roll it back and pull it through the loop between the two twisted sides.
  • Use a few hairpins to secure it into place and you are done!


3. The Chic Pinup Look

If you want a special look for an interesting evening, then this amazing pinup look is the way to go. With minimum effort, you can get a stunning hairstyle. Here are the main steps for this easy pinup hairstyle!

  • Comb your hair back. (You can use a curling iron or a rotating brush to add some loose curls for a more extravagant look.)
  • Style the front part by making a classic side part.
  • Use the hair on the short side to make one loose
  • Secure it with a few pins to keep in place.
  • Take the hair on the longer side and use it to make another small roll.
  • Use some hairpins to keep it up, and you are done!


4. The Elegant Braided Look for Short Hair

Style your short hair to perfection with this simple and elegant braids and bun look. If you have naturally wavy hair, you are ready to begin. If not, use a curling iron to make some loose curls all around. Then, you are ready to begin!

  • Separate your hair into two smaller parts in the front and a more generous one in the back.
  • Use a hairband to tie the part in the back into a loose ponytail.
  • Gently twist it around and turn it into a bun.
  • Use the parts in the front to make two simple loose braids.
  • To get the final look, wrap your braids around the bun to give it more volume.


5. The Adorable Bow Bun Look

Bow buns are the most adorable hairstyles you can do in less than 10 minutes. All eyes will be on you with this surprising hairstyle. Let me tell you how you!

  • Part your hair right above the ears and then tie it up in a firm half ponytail.
  • Make a generous loop and part it into two equal sides.
  • Use two pins to give it that lovely bow shape.
  • Use the remaining part of your half ponytail to create the central part of the bow.
  • Gently roll it back behind the ponytail and you are done!


As you can see, the secret to a stunning look is in the small details. Try out these five effortlessly chic hairstyles to find out for yourself just how easy it is to look your best! Then, you can tell me which one you had the most fun within the comment section below!

Image sources: Pinterest (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)