How to Apply Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes? 10 steps with pictures.

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Blue eyes are amongst the rarer of eye colours, and so if you have blue eyes you should make the most of your light and bright eyes. Blue eyes are longed for by many, and they can be really brought to life with the right application of make-up. Read on to find out how to apply eye make-up for your blue eyes to make them really stand out:

  1. Start by cleansing the skin well, preparing it for the application of your make-up. Use a cream based cleanser or micellar water with a cotton pad and wipe the area clean, turn over the cotton pad and repeat, to ensure any dirt, oil or traces of make-up on the skin have been removed. (To pick the right cleanser take a look at Red’s Online Guide: The Best Cream Cleanser)
  1. You will want to use a moisturiser (Lush have some great ones) all over your face before you apply make-up, but avoid using this on your eyes as it may make make-up slip and the eyelid may feel sticky and uncomfortable. Instead use an eye primer on the lids, Urban Decay does a great one that keeps eye make-up in place all day. Pat a little onto the lids and blend.
  2. Next pat a little concealer onto the lids, so that you have an even toned base to build your shadow on, ensuring the colour is even across the lid.
  3. Now it’s time to start to build up your colour. Using a powder shadow, start with a matte white, working to open up and brighten the eyes. Take the Nanshy Blending Eyeshadow brush and sweep in the shadow, apply to the inner corners of the eyes and blend out into the lid.
  4. The key to making blue eyes pop is using a contrasting colour. Because your eyes are cool in tone, you will want to use a warm shadow. Gold looks fantastic on blue eyes, and really brings them to life.

Use three tones of gold, applying the lightest first. Sweep this across the lid starting slightly in from the inner corner.

  1. Take the mid colour and start to apply this about half way down the lid to the outer corner, darkening as you reach the outer corner by applying a little heavier. Do this with the blending shadow brush.
  2. Next use the Nanshy Eye Crease Make-up Brush and dip it into your darkest gold shadow. Blend into the crease of the lid, starting at the outer corner and working your way up and round the natural crease, stopping about two quarters of the way along the eye. Sweep the dark shadow out a little at the outer corner too.
  3. Take your blending brush and sweep it along the crease, to create a seamless slightly smoky finish.
  4. Now it’s time to apply a little liner to define the eyes, as well as mascara. Take a pair of eyelash curlers and curl the lashes by pressing down on the curlers for around 30 seconds. Then use a black pencil liner and line the inner top lid of the eyes.
  5. Finally apply a black mascara to bring the whole look to life and open the eyes up, on both the top and bottom lashes.

And that’s it! In 10 simple steps. Once you get the hang of it you’ll only need five minutes to perfect this look, resulting in beautifully enhanced blue and bright eyes. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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How to Apply Makeup for Blue Eyes?

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