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How to Create Flawless Make-up to get you Through the Day in Under Five Minutes

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So many of us feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, particularly around Christmas when there is so much to do, on top of our every day responsibilities such as work and chores. Just because you’re busy though shouldn’t mean a month make-up free. It’s still possible to feel and look great, even when you just have five minutes to spare. Here’s how to achieve a flawless ‘natural’ make-up look, perfect for every day, in just five minutes:

1. Prime your skin after you have moisturised, a primer goes a really long way to creating a flawless finish, smoothing over any uneven skin tone, reducing pores and over all creating an airbrush type finish to your skin. It will also make your make-up last longer meaning you won’t have to top it up during the day, which is especially great for when when you’re so busy.

Smooth primer over your skin, this should only take 20 seconds.

2. When time is short concealer is all you need. It takes too much commitment to do a whole base using foundation or a BB cream, and a rushed full base will work against you. Instead dot on concealer using your finger or use a brush such as a blending brush, only apply where you need it most, to lift your skin and leave you looking and feeling brighter.

Apply concealer to the under eyes, around the corners of the nose and cover any blemishes.


3. Warm up your complexion and set your make-up with powder and blush or bronzer. Take a large powder brush and dust on powder that matches your skin tone all over to seal your base. Then apply a bronzer or blush to the hollow of your cheeks with a blush and bronze brush, forehead and under your chin blending down the neck.

This will work to ensure your make-up lasts all day, and brighten your skin. This should take up to a minute.

4. Next move your attention to your eyes. Quickly brush your brows to neaten and apply a clear brow gel to keep in place. Give your lashes a 10 second curl, then coat with mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

This will open the eyes up and make you look well groomed, and will take around a minute.


5. Finally finish off your five minute make-up with your lips. Either smooth on a nude or pale pink lipstick, or simply pat on a little lip balm.

This will take 30 seconds.


And that’s it! In just five minutes you will look groomed, neater, wide awake and fresh, ready to start the day.

Top tip: Spritz your face with from around 20cm away with hairspray to seal in your make-up when you have no time in the day for a touch up. Click to Tweet this tip!

So there you have it! Flawless make-up in just five minutes. Let me know how you get on with this guide, and don’t forget to share it with your friends who you know are busy around this time of year.

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