Makeup kits for make-up artists on the go

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Makeup Kits are essential part of your beauty routine.

Freelance make-up artists the world over understand what it is like to be short for time.  Whether you are at a fashion show or a photoshoot, time is always of the essence.  Whilst you may be continuously pushed to meet deadlines set by those around you, there are other ways for which you can save time at the make-up table which don’t mean compromising on the quality of your make-up application.  If you are starting out in the industry, one of the first things which you need to know is to be organized and make sure you are carrying the essentials at all times as a bare minimum.  If you have these basic kit essentials you can be sure that it will save you precious time which you can spend applying make-up when the jobs start rolling in.

Kit essentials

  • Skin care products – For removing any existing make-up, and removing the make-up after application if needed. Make sure that the skin care you are offering is for all ages, all skin tones and all skin types.
  • Disposable applicators – Hygiene is a very high priority when working with different people when you are using the same kit.  Disposable applicators are a great and vital thing to have in your kit.
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds – When performing make-up removal, skin care and also correcting your make-up these will become a necessity.
  • A small bowl – Make up and skin care products often require you add water to them so that they become usable   It’s for this reason you should seek out adding a bowl to your kit.
  • Make-up – You should include a collection of make-up which is good for use on all skin types.  This includes foundations, lipsticks, lip liner, lip gloss, blusher, mascara and eyeshadows.
  • Make-up brushes – You need a range of brushes which are suitable for all aspects of applying make-up.  For example for foundation application and blending, you may require the Nanshy range of Kabuki brushes.  For lip stick and eyeliner application, you will be looking to purchase much finer brushes.
  • Brush Cleaner – When working between individuals you will not have time to wash your brushes, therefore a brush cleaner which you can spray into the brushes between clients will maintain hygiene.
  • A bowl for waste – A make-up table will be filled with cosmetics, and so it’s important that you do not clutter it further will extra waste.  A lined waste bowl will keep your station tidy and clean.
  • Pencil sharpener – When working between individuals you will need to sharpen all of your lip liners, eyeliners and any other make-up tool which can be sharpened.  This is not only to produce a sharp end ready for use, but it is for hygiene.
  • Spatula – To remove products from their containers you need to use a spatula so that your pallet remains clean and that there isn’t any cross contamination.

Your kit at work

So if you have your kit well organized, you will be well prepared for any make-up request which may come your way.  However, you still may find that as a make-up artist, you may be rushed into doing a makeover in a very short period of time.  So how can you further organize yourself so as to leave more time for make-up application, rather than organizing your kit?

StandUp Brush Holderbrush holder

One great way to cut down your application time, is improving how the items sit on the table.  Artists tend to store away their brushes in make-up brush cases.  These cases have designated slots for various brushes.  They are a great way to keep all of your brushes neat and tidy.  However, many find them inconvenient at the make-up station.  This is simply because not only does it use alot of space up on the station, but it takes time to put your brushes in and out of the case while applying make-up.

To remove this problem, a great product to purchase is something called a standup brush holder.  This is a container which will sit on any workstation and provide you with a neat and tidy spot where you can put all of your brushes.  At Nanshy, you can purchase a StandUp brush holder which has been tried and tested by professionals with make-up artists in mind.  When working on make-up, you can switch easily between brushes with this container, unlike the flat brush organizers you may use to store your brushes in.

So often make-up artists need to work in small places, be it in a hotel for a wedding, or that special party – therefore we need to learn ways which we can improve on space at the work station.  With a standup brush holder you will have more space, and spend less time switching between brushes, and instead you will have more time to perfect that picture perfect make-up.

Whilst starting out as a make-up artist may be daunting, there are many tips and tricks you can take to learn the essentials, and will allow you to make the most of your early photoshoots.  Having a good photograph for your portfolio is an important way to build up your career as an artist, so being organized is vital if you want to give yourself more time doing the make-up.

These tips above on what to put in your kit are just a tip of the ice berg when it comes to learning how to be a great make-up artist.  Nevertheless, organization and knowing what you need in your kit is one of the early and most important things you will need to learn to set you on your way.

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