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When is National Lipstick Day?

The National Lipstick Day is on the 29th of July in 2022

Interesting facts:
* £1,300 – the amount the average woman spends on lipstick in her lifetime.
* Lip paint was first used in the Sumerian region (known as Iraq and Kuwait now) around 5000 BCE. 
* £45,000 – the price of the most expensive lipstick in the world — Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamond lipstick. 
* 110 grams – the weight of the 18-karat gold tube of the most expensive lipstick in the world.
* 199 – the number of diamonds encrusted on the tube of the most expensive lipstick in the world.
* 60% – the percentage of women who wear lipstick regularly.
* 25% – the percentage of women who don’t leave the house without lipstick on. 
* 1912 – the year when feminists painted their lips as a sign of emancipation for the Suffragette movement.

How to apply lipstick – tips and tricks:
1. Exfoliate and hydrate lips.
2. Colour correct as needed.
3.  Fill lips with liner.
4. Layer on lipstick from the centre outward.
5. Use a lip brush for a precise line.
6. Blot and set your colour.

Find out history and traditions of the National Lipstick Day.
national lipstick day

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national lipstick day