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Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush Set

makeup brushes

Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush SetLuxury Makeup Brush Set

beauty awardsMakeup  Application For Your Face, Eyes, and Lips
14 pc Set – (13 Brushes with Elegant Case)

  • Makeup Brush Set  – 13 Eye, Lip and Face Brushes
  • Ergonomic Handles for comfortable application
  • Bristles Soft on Your Face – & Yet Strong at the Base
  • Antibacterial Synthetic Bristles
  • No Bristle Shedding
  • Designed, Hand Assembled, & Extensively Tested in the UK
  • 100% Vegan – Cruelty Free – Approved by
  • FREE Elegant Designer Make up Brush Set  Case Included!

Professional quality brushes for your face, eyes and lips.

The Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush Set features all of the best makeup brushes  you’ll need for creating your polished, complete, and natural look! No matter your level of artistry, this cosmetic brush set  will make an immense difference in your make-up application. This set of Nanshy brushes features 13 high quality, synthetic, cruelty free, antibacterial brushes that give you a flawless application!

Product Description

Our customers find they’re a good size makeup brush set  – not too big or too small.

You can use them with liquid or powder foundation. No shedding either before nor after washing.

A Good make up brush set  is always a great investment.


The Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brushes Set includes:

Brush Style Total Length
Angled Brow Brush 11.5cm
Liner Brush
Small Shadow Brush
Crease Brush
Shadow Brush
Fluffy Shadow Blending Brush
Concealer Brush
Angled Shadow Brush
Powder/Foundation Brush
Foundation Brush
Powder Brush 14.5cm
Eyelash/Eyebrow Spoolie
Angled Blush Brush


All at no additional cost to you! Handmade with Antibacterial Synthetic Bristles for a Soft, Silky Feel that feels good on you and you can feel good about! Nanshy make up brush sets are approved by because they’re 100% Vegan, and Cruelty Free! Made from synthetic hair, on ergonomic designed handles, the bristles are soft and silky on top, yet firm and durable on the bottom. Applying your cosmetics smoothly, pigment clings to you, not the brush hairs. And because they’re antibacterial, you can blend and reuse without cleaning every time. When you do clean, you’ll find it’s very easy to do. Simply hand-wash in mild soap or shampoo, rinse, air dry. With minimum shedding before, during, or after washing.
FREE Elegant Nanshy Designer Make up Brush Set Case Included!
Make up Brush Set Case A Nanshy Exclusive – This Tri-fold white exterior, black interior carry-all has custom-fit compartments to keep all your brushes of the set organized in this easy to pack and carry pouch. Be the envy of every powder room! The white designer-look exterior is quilted in a sewn diamond pattern. Chromed clasp and Nanshy name plate add to the elegant appearance. The easy-clean black interior has a matching mini-diamond pattern off-set by white stitching accents. The pockets are the length of the handles to prevent bristle damage and removing any product build up is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth.

FREE Elegant Nanshy Designer Make up Brush Set Case

When closed protects your brushes as well as stores them by compressing flat in the tri-fold design. Keep your brushes in place and in good quality whether toted or packed horizontal or vertical.

Nanshy Cruelty Free

Nanshy – Cruelty Free Beauty Brand
NO ANIMAL TESTING! All our brushes are synthetic and Vegan – is a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – and is against cruelty to animals.

Nanshy – Shipping and Packaging
Each brush arrives in a clear plastic wrap to keep them clean and secure.


Buy this Makeup Brush Set here:

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Why use a makeup brushes set?

makeup brushes set for better makeup

Is your foundation not looking quite the way you want it to? Tired of lipsticks that always feather and bleed? Wish you had the perfect brows – but can’t find the pencil that cuts it?

makeup brushes set for better makeup

Before you go in search for the perfect product – hold fire. It might not be your makeup at all – but the tools you’re using instead! Having the right brush for the right product can make all the difference. If you’re not already using a proper makeup brushes set, here are 5 reasons why you should definitely start today.

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  • Have the right brush for every occasion

Whether it’s just your usual daytime routine for work, or a stunning evening look for a night out, having the right tools to hand can really make a difference! A makeup brushes set is a great way of keeping your beauty routine versatile, without having to lug around an entire case of different products. By learning how to blend, contour and detail with the right brush, you’ll have a flawless look, every time.

  • Use the right amount of makeup

If you’ve ever had a makeover by a professional, you’ll know how surprisingly little product you actually need to use to create a gorgeous transformation. With our expertly designed makeup brushes set, you can apply just the right amount – without wasting excess product. So whether you want to apply blush without looking like a rosy-cheeked doll, or get the perfect cupid’s bow pout without having to blot off half your lipstick afterwards, your makeup brushes set will make sure you do it right.

  • “I don’t wear a lot of makeup” – why the right brushes help

Think makeup brushes sets are only for people who spend ages applying makeup every day? Nope – think again. If you like to keep your daily beauty routine minimal and neat, using the right kit will help you apply it quickly and perfectly – so no annoying smudges or blotches to re-correct! Keep your makeup brushes kit to hand at any time – whether you just need to refresh your powder or fix your foundation, you can do it super quick, without a fuss.

  • Learn to apply like a pro

Ever seen a makeup pro try to apply makeup with their fingertips, or simply use the same brush everywhere? Err, no. That’s because a makeup brushes set is designed to help you maximise every individual product, in the best way possible. Contour and highlight cheekbones perfectly with our specially designed contouring brush, or get that instant airbrushed look with a stippling brush that’ll change the way you use your foundation!

[message type=”simple”] All our brushes are designed with you in mind, and we love to know what you think of them – so spill the beans in our comments! Don’t forget to sign up for our regular newsletter, where you can find lots of fantastic tips, unmissable offers and sneak previews of the latest Nanshy releases.[/message]

Find out about our new MASTERFUL COLLECTION makeup brushes set.

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Festive Essentials; Why Make-up Brushes Make Great Gifts

As far as the average woman or teenage girl goes, we don’t often choose to replace and re-stock on make-up tools as regularly as we should. Some how good quality brushes are somewhat of a luxury, with many of us assuming we would have to part with lots of hard earned cash to have the privilege of owning a top quality set.

This how ever is not the case, but this is also why make-up brushes and sets make a fab gift, they look and feel luxurious, like a proper treat and something to really feel excited about. They can be chosen carefully especially for the person depending on the make-up they love to wear, and the looks they choose to create for themselves.

Make-up brushes and sets offer a great personable gift, that you can customise and put together to suit the person you are buying for. Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers, or to build a whole set for an impressive Christmas gift, Nanshy has all the products you need to create a stunning present this Christmas.

Stocking fillers…

Stocking fillers should be brush essentials, or novelty accessories. Make-up brushes and tools are a great way to add some luxury to a stocking, both practical and fun, here are my top pick of stocking filler make-up tools:

The pink Kabuki brush is a make-up kit essential, and in a bright pink finish it’s a little bit fun too. Great for applying all types of powder make-up, this brush is particularly great for sealing your make-up with a translucent powder, evenly distributing it all over the face.

Research shows that many women haven’t experimented with foundation brushes, instead opting to apply foundation with their fingers instead, whilst this is fine, using a foundation brush will create an airbrush finish, great for special occasions and when there’s a camera out. Introduce your friend/daughter/mum etc. to a new way to apply foundation with the flawless foundation brush.

Sensational Sets…

Make-up brush sets make gift buying easy, with already prepared sets of brushes that compliment one another, for flawless make-up application. Sets make a lovely gift that’s fuss free. Here are my favourite Nanshy sets:

The Nanshy Luxury Make-up Brush Set is a great set to start with, particularly if the person you’re buying for is a make-up and beauty fanatic. Featuring 13 eye, lip and face brushes, this set contains everything anyone would need to create a flawless make-up look from start to finish. Each brush features a white handle with white bristles fading into black.

If you know someone who loves a natural make-up look, the Gobsmack Glamorous Onyx Black Face Make-up Brush Set includes everything you’ll need to build a perfect base. Created to work towards brightening the complexion, building a flawless airbrushed foundation base, applying powder, blusher and bronzer and concealing imperfections, this is the ideal set for a flawless ‘barely there’ make-up look.

Building your own Set…

Create your own make-up set by mixing and matching brushes from our collection. Choose the brushes you know the person you’re buying for will love, picking the brushes you know they will use and benefit from, and in the colours and styles you know will suit them best.

To build a complete set I would recommend: A concealer brush, a foundation brush, a blush and bronze brush, a foundation sponge, a large powder brush, a blending eye-shadow brush, an eye crease brush, a bent eye-liner brush and a lip brush.

If you want to make your gift extra special think about adding in a make-up brush holder too, to keep brushes neat and safe.

All of the above are available on the Nanshy website, in sets and sold separately. All the Nanshy brushes are fantastic quality, but at an affordable price, as well as being vegan so you can rest assure no animals were harmed in the production.

Tie up with a beautiful bow or wrap in some festive paper and you’ll have a gift to be proud of.

Image Credit: Flickr

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