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Nanshy Foundation Brushes

foundation brushes

Foundation Brushes

Super soft makeup brushes, ideal for sensitive skin. Use with any face products including liquids, creams, powders. Design to get in all areas of your face for flawless, HD application.


Foundation brushes feature:

  • thick handles with pearl-coat (check out the photos at the end)
  • easy application of mineral, liquid and cream foundation
  • soft and dense synthetic Taklon bristles – VEGAN approved as we are part of
  • easy to clean and store
  • creates an amazing velvety finish
  • buffs and blends very well
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • all skin types, including sensitive skin

In a short period of time, this face brushes became very popular amongst bloggers, vloggers and MUA’s. Please take a look at the YouTube video above to get an idea.


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Makeup tips for applying blush

Tips for applying blusher

beautiful young woman with healthy faceMany of us tend to apply blusher the same way each day, however there are so many ways which you can be really versatile with your blusher.  You can not only achieve different looks by using different blusher products, but by applying blusher in different ways.  This guide will take you through the different blusher products available and also how to apply them to give very different looks.

Blusher types

Powder blusher

Powder blushers are really popular and are great for that soft elegant finish.  This blusher is great to use over matt foundation as it complements the matt texture really well.  As this is a powdered product, it’s great for all skin types; however, it may look flaky on those with very dry skins.

Cream blusher

Cream blushers are great if you want that dewy effect on the skin.  For this reason, they compliment foundations which have an added radiance to them.  They also compliment tinted moisturisers really well for that natural fresh look.  Using a cream blusher is great for all skin types apart from really oily skins as the cream blush may be too heavy for the skin.  To apply a cream blush stipple on with a flat top kabuki brush by Nanshy; then blend and contour.

Liquid blusher

The liquid blusher is great to use on top of your foundation.  What is also really good about liquid foundations is that you can really get an intense colour from using these.  To apply a dot to the area you want to apply blush and blend.  The best way of blending is to use your fingers at first as liquid is so fine.  Once you have done this you can further blend with a Nanshy flat top buffer brush so that the result looks seamless.  Liquid blushers can be used for all skin types apart from maybe the more mature skins as this blusher tends to exaggerate any imperfections and lines in the skin.

 Different ways to apply your blusher

Classic blush: A classic blush looks great on everyone.  To apply, use a cream, liquid or powder blusher over the apple of the cheeks and run the blush along the cheekbone towards the temple.  You can make this look really structured with a strong line along the cheekbone, or you can make this look more subtle with a softer line along the cheekbone.

Apply as a natural flush:

This is a great look at a natural finish.  The idea is that you want to apply the blush where you naturally go pink in the cheeks.  This is great to wear with a simple daytime make-up.  To apply, apply some blusher product to the apples of the cheeks then slowly fade it down a little past the cheekbones, a little towards the nose, and up towards the temple.  Once you have done this you can further blend with a Nanshy flat top buffer brush if needed.

Apply blush as a “dolly” style:

This is a great distinctive look for both day and the evening.  To achieve this look apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks only.  You don’t need to apply blusher to any other areas, but you can blend with a Nanshy flat top buffer brush to blend out the look.


Applying blush to contour

Contouring products like foundations, bronzers and liquid highlighters can all help balance out our face.  However, you can do this with blusher as well.  The ideal face shape is an oval one, you can find your face shape from looking at the following this link from the Channel 4 website (click here)  If you want to alter the shape of your face with blusher contouring follow these simple rules:

Round face:  If you have a round face shape then you want to draw attention away from the side of the cheeks. To do this apply blush on the cheeks and towards the ear.  The blush will act as a shader and narrow the face.

Square face:  For this face shape you want to draw attention to the centre of the face, rather than along the jawline and forehead.  For this shape apply blusher towards the centre of the cheeks rather than towards the ear.

Long face: For this face shape you may want to make the appearance of your face look wider than it is.  To do this with blusher, apply it directly along the cheekbones to highlight and draw attention to the width of the face.

Triangle face:  For this face shape, the widest part of the face will be the jaw, as opposed to the forehead and cheekbone area.  To balance out the face with this face shape, use a blusher to draw attention to the centre of the face.  To achieve this apply a flush to the cheek area.  See above on how to do a flush blusher. 

Heart face: A heart-shaped face will appear wider in the forehead and cheekbone area, than the jawline.  For a heart-shaped face, you want to draw attention away from the top half of the face.  To do this with your blusher, apply it on the lower parts of the cheekbone area and blend towards the temple.


Share with our readers how you do your blusher.  Comment below!

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A soft spring make-up look

A soft spring make-up lookWoman portrait with flowers

This soft spring time look will give you the chance to try out soft pastels which are both subtle and elegant.  With a spring time look you can really express and experiment with outbursts of colour such as yellows, greens, lilacs and pinks.  Shimmers and matts will work for this look when choosing your eye shadow pallets.  Here at Nanshy we have a spring time look which you can try out for yourself.  Just follow this guide below.

Eye make-up remover – The first step is to remove your eye make-up with an eye make-up remover.  Even if you are not wearing any make-up, your eyelids build up on oil throughout the night.  This oil can make it difficult to apply powdered eye shadows, so it’s always a good idea to wipe them over with some eye make-up remover on a cotton disk.  The skin around the eye area is very delicate and an oil free eye make-up remover will not be too heavy on this skin.

Cleanse – Using a cleanser will prepare the skin by removing any dirt and debris from the surface of the skin.  You can use cleanser which is suitable for your skin type, be it an oily, dry or combination skin to help restore the balance in the skin.

Tone – Toning the skin will remove any remaining skin products and debris from the skin.  Toner also acts as an astringent and so will close any pores up in the skin.

Moisturiser – Using a moisturiser before you apply your make-up will leave give your skin a good surface to begin applying make-up to.  Apply a moisturiser to the face and the neck and leave it to soak into the skin.  You can find a specific moisturiser to suit your skin type.

Foundation – For this spring time look apply a foundation which is slightly radiant instead of using a matt foundation to give the skin a fresh and dewy look to it.  Foundations can be applied with a sponge, your fingers or with foundation brushes.  Using the range of Kabuki foundation brushes produced by Nanshy will give you a flawless and airbrushed finish.  Apply with the Nanshy flat angled buffer brush to spread your foundation over the skin.  After this, use the round buffer brush to smooth over the base to give an extra polished and perfect base.

Concealer – Use a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone to cover up any discolorations and under eye circles with a concealer brush.  Smooth out any concealer lines using the Nanshy pointed foundation brush.

Powder – Once you have applied your foundation and concealer, use a powder to set the make-up.  Apply using a powder brush or powder puff.

Blusher – For a soft spring time look you want the colour applied in your make-up to look soft and elegant.  For the cheeks, apply a soft pearly or dewy cream blusher in a pale pink to your cheeks with your fingers.  Once you have done this, use the Nanshy flat top buffer brush to blend in the look.  You are aiming to get a well-blended and seamless finish between your foundation and the blusher.

Eye shadow – Soft pastel colours are used in this make-up look.  First, apply a soft matt white eyes shadow to the eyelid up to the eyebrows.  Once you have done this line the socket from the inner corner to the middle with one colour, then the middle to the outer corner with another using an eye shadow brush.  For this look use a yellow on the inner corner, and a green on the outer corner.  You can then apply a second colour, a shade darker than the first green used and use it on the very outer corner of the eyes to add in some depth and blend well.  Once you have done this gently line under the lower lashes in a green and blend in well.

Eyeliner – For this spring look, it is better to use eyeliner which has soft lines.  Harsh eyeliners may make this look appear too harsh for this spring time look.  Instead opt for using an eye shadow as an eyeliner and blend well.  To apply slightly wet an eyeliner brush with water, and use a black eyeliner colour on the upper lashes, and a little on the outer corner of the lower lashes.

Mascara – Apply black mascara to the eyelashes on both the upper and lower lids.  If you like curling your eyelashes use an eyelash curler before you apply the mascara.

Eyebrows – Eyebrows always frame the face, and even with this soft spring look it is important to add definition to the eyebrows.  Use an eyebrow powder or an eye shadow matching your eyebrow colour with an angled brush.

Lip liner – Lip liner can add definition to your lips, and it can also help your lip make-up last longer.  Apply a lip liner in a soft pink.

Lipstick – Apply a lipstick the same colour as your lip liner with a lip brush.  To make the lipstick last longer, once you have applied a layer of lipstick, blot with a tissue then reapply again.

Lip-gloss – Apply a high gloss lip-gloss to the lips with a lip brush to add a shine to the lips.


Have you tried out this make-up look?  Comment below!

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Our tips on Choosing a Foundation for any skin type

When it comes to choosing a foundation, there are different factors which are useful to consider.  The first thing is to be aware of your skin type.Beautiful woman  Skin types include normal, dry, oily and combination skins.  As foundations come in a variety of consistencies, some of them are more suitable for certain skin types compared to others.  The second thing to consider is what look you are going for as the foundation type will vary depending upon the overall look you want to achieve.


Cream foundations are the thickest consistency of all the foundations.  Their consistency arises from its oil based formulation.  As the texture of these foundations is thicker, they also offer the highest coverage.  This means they are great if you want to achieve a heavy look, or if you want to use foundations which offer the highest coverage to help even out your skin tone, these are for you.  As cream foundations are oilier, they are great for those with drier skins.

To use cream foundations you can apply with a sponge, brush or with your fingers.  Brushes especially designed for foundation, such as the Nanshy kabuki foundation brushes range are great at achieving that airbrushed look with your cream foundations.  Simply apply to the face starting with the nose, then over the cheeks, forehead and jaw line. The bristles on these brushes are dense, soft and also have sculpted ends to take care of the application.  The dense bristles means that you will be avoiding those streaky finishes as you would with a paddle brush.  The soft bristles also means you will be producing streak free results and will be soft on the skin.  The sculpted end of the brushes can also help with the application of your foundation.  The flat angled buffer brush is great for the application of your foundation as the angle of the brush allows for the foundation to be spread across the face easily.


Liquid foundations are thinner than your cream based foundations as they are water based. As they are a thinner consistency, this also means in this case that they give less coverage than your cream foundations.  Liquid foundation also dries quickly once they are applied to the skin. This means that they should also be applied quickly.  Similarly you can use the Nanshy kabuki brushes to apply a liquid foundation.  These will allow for a quick and even coverage for your liquid foundations. These water based foundations are good for oily skins as they do not add oil to the skin.  Some liquid foundations however do contain some oils so always read the labels if you are looking for an oil free product.


Powdered foundation provides the lightest coverage of all of the foundations.  It is particularly good if you have sensitive or oily skin as the foundation provides a minimal coverage and tends to help control any oiliness of the skin. Powdered foundations need to be applied with a foundation brush.  If you are using powdered foundations, it is therefore really important to find good brushes to use.  The range of Nanshy brushes is also perfect for the foundation of powders.

Finding a foundation to suit you may depend on your skin type, but also remember that your skin type may change overtime.  Therefore, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on your skin type so that your foundations will always provide the best coverage for you.

Coverage and skin type are two of the factors which you should consider when choosing a foundation, however there is also a third.  The range of looks you can achieve with different foundations is restricted, so the type of look you are trying to achieve, will determine the foundation you will use.

For example if you are looking for a natural day look, you may not want to use a high coverage foundation such as a cream foundation.  Instead you may want to use a liquid or a powdered foundation for a lighter coverage.  For an evening look where you really want to make the eyes and the lips heavier for example, you may want to use a cream foundation as it will give you a heavier and more flawless look.

Don’t forget there are no strict rules when it comes to experimenting with make-up.  As well as gaining ideas from articles such as this, the best way of discovering what is most suitable for you is trying out different foundations yourself, and seeing what works best.

Share your thoughts with us at Nanshy, comment below!


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Angled Brush – New Addition to Our White Handled Brushes

Angled Brush
Angled brushes with synthetic bristles give the best contouring results since they really let you control the placement of the product on your skin.

Angled Brush

White Handled Angled Brush from Nanshy has landed!

The latest addition to our famous Face Brushes – Angled Brush.
Due to comments and opinions from our lovely customers/followers we are introducing the very new face brush. It has the same synthetic bristles as our previous brushes. Dense and soft for best product application. As always 100% cruelty-free!
The head is round angled for easy application of blush or bronzer.

Thick handle is comfortable to hold and work with.

This Angled Brush allows for contouring of your cheekbones to narrow your face and much more.

Do you want one? Shop Now at you favourite online retailer

What would YOU use it for? Are you planning to purchase or maybe you own it? Let us know by commenting below!