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This week we are coming at you with another one of the hottest makeup trends on the radar for fall of 2014. Any fashion-forward girl that’s been paying attention to this year’s runways knows that it’s all about rich berry hues this season. From glosses to stains, fashionistas everywhere will be sporting berry shades once those leaves start to change, but like most bold lip colours, this one can be difficult to pull off. It’s all about finding the right variation for your skin tone and complexion and that’s why we have put together the best tips on how to find the right berry hue that is perfect for you.

Berry Lips for different skin types

Berry Lips and Fair Skin

Fair skinned ladies can get away with most bold hues and berry is no exception. If you are on the paler side, opt for a darker shade that really pops against your skin. The one thing you want to keep in mind is that everything needs to stay balanced. You can play up your lashline but avoid pairing super dark or smokey eye looks with a bold berry lip colour. You can even use a darker berry stain and simply blot your lips to get the perfect burst of colour.

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Autumn Makeup Tutorial by Chloe(link to her channel on Youtube)

Berry Lips and Medium Skin

Medium skin tones are fairly versatile. They aren’t too dark or two pale so they can pull off a range of colours without looking washed out or overdone. Next time you are in the grocery store take note of the colour of raspberries in the produce section. This is the shade you should aim for. It won’t be overly bold, bright, or understated against your complexion making it the perfect colour to sport on your lips both day and night.

Berry Lips and Dark Skin

This is where it can get a little bit tricky. Dark skin tones can look amazing with bold hues but since berry shades tend to be very rich they can get lost in a dark complexion. This is why you should look for something that is on the lighter and brighter side. Think more along the lines of a bright jewel tone rather than a deep or rich berry shade. Try using a berry lipstick with less blue tones to create contrast and then coat your lips with a layer of bright berry coloured gloss to add definition to your lips and help them stand out. Also, make sure to prime your lips before application to keep your lips from looking flaky.

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Autumn Makeup Trends 2014 [3 looks]

Autumn Makeup trend bold brows

Autumn Makeup featuring 3 trending looks.

The top three looks currently trending for autumn makeup are bold brows, jewel tone eye shadows and red lips. Although people tend to think of autumn as the time when colours tend to become more subdued and less creative, the latest looks and palettes enable you to still make a very dramatic statement.

Bold Brows

Autumn Makeup trend bold brows This is a trend, which really enhances your face. Having well groomed lush brows is not only a bold statement but also one that really brings your entire look together. The brows are essentially the “window dressing” for your eyes. If your brows are thin or sparse your eyes tend to fade away. There are many options available to enable you to achieve this look.

Unlike in the past, when the only product in use was eyebrow pencil, many women chose to skip this step, as it was difficult to apply and rubbed off easily. Now however, you have both brow gels and powders, which enable you to easily fill in and shape your brows. The perfect finishing touch is a clear brow setting gel, which is applied like mascara both grooming and setting the brows in place.

Jewel Toned Eye shadows

Another exciting trend for fall is the rich jewel-toned eye shadows being used for this seasonal look. Previously fall eye shadows were mostly in the neutral families. Matte shadows in cream, camel and light brown were the standard. The latest look incorporates rich deep jewel tones in emerald green, indigo and ruby. Cream shadows that are deeply pigmented and longwearing go beautifully with fall wardrobes.

Red Lips

Autumn Makeup trend red lipsA true red lip is a perfect bold pop of colour for autumn fashion. You are no longer limited to plums or russets. It can be worn day or night. Just remember when wearing a red lip in daytime, that should be the focus of your makeup so be sure to tone down your eyeshadow and blush. This colour is intense enough to stand on it’s own. Also, regardless of your colouring you need to stay with a TRUE RED that is flattering to your skin tone. Stay away from any pinky or orangey reds.

If you are not completely confident in choosing colours in this palette, choose a few of your favourite pieces from your fall wardrobe to bring with you and use them as a guideline when selecting your eye shadows and lipstick. It’s all about choosing a look that makes you look and feel great.


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The Power of Make-up & Why we Love it so Much!

The beauty of the world wide web is that we can see and share so many things we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to enjoy and get involved in. One of these things is make-up as an art, and the fantastic and incredible things talented people can do with it.

At Nanshy we love make-up, and we love nothing more than being able to admire and appreciate the work people do with make-up, spending hours scouring the web in search of impressive make-up looks.

We’ve come across some fantastic things recently, and we wanted to share them with you, so here are our top picks for inspiring, outstanding and impressive make-up creations:

1. Pop Art Make-up

pop art make up

Photo Credit: Karla Powell

This insane make-up look is inspired by pop art, and it was debated whether it was actually a drawing. But the creator Karla Powell has cleared up rumours, stating it is in fact a real life model made up to look like a pop art creation.

2. Record Store Day Viynl Make-up


Photo Credit: Natalie Sharp

When make-up artist Natalie Sharp used her own face as a canvas, to recreate record covers in honour of record store day it’s safe to say the results were impressive.

Top tip: Think outside the box, see make-up as an art for projects like this, rather than something to create every day beauty. Foundation sponges and make-up tools apleanty are a must!

3. Outstanding Before & After Shots

Before and After

Photo credit: Viralflood

We all know make-up can give us confidence and help enhance our natural beauty, but can make-up completely change your image? It seems so with these impressive before and after shots.

Top Tip: Contouring can help to shape the face, adding definition. To contour choose a powder or foundation a few shades darker than your skin tone, apply to the hollows of the cheeks, down the sides of the nose and under the chin. You’ll need a good quality foundation or powder brush to get this right.

4. Beautiful and Creative Eye Art

Eye art

After the huge nail art trend, a new and even more creative trend is starting to emerge, eye art. Make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts have been getting creative and putting together beautiful and unique eye make-up designs which you can take inspiration from.

Top Tip: Make these looks wearable for every day by taking small elements and creating your own more wearable look. Take inspiration from the bold lines and colours. A great set of eye make-up brushes is essential!

5. High Fashion = High Impact Make-up


Photo Credit: Inspiring Mesh

High fashion make-up is something of a marvel, and anything goes, making for some outstanding and extremely innovative looks. High fashion make-up tends to be high impact, it evokes an emotion or opinion from those who see it, often complimenting or contrasting fashion trends.

Top Tip: If you want your make-up to set you aside from the rest take inspiration from high fashion make-up, using one element to create a stand out look. You’ll need a complete set of make-up brushes to create a high fashion look.

6. Jewel adorned lips

crystal lips

Photo Credit: Social Bliss

Since as far back as we can see a lot of attention has been paid towards enhancing the eyes, but recent trends and new technologies mean that the lips are taking centre stage, with foil lip transfers, glitter for the lips and jewels now being applied to the lips for a stand out look.

Top Tip: Apply lipstick with a lip brush for a long lasting bold colour. Use tweezers to carefully apply jewels to the lips after dabbing with facial glue, pat on glue followed by glitter to make glitter fix to the lips for a bold look, make-up tools are key to achieving a professional look.

What are your favourite creative looks you’ve seen recently? Maybe you’ve had a go at something or come up with a really creative look yourself, let me know, and don’t forget to share this with your friends!