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Vlogger Maddie Bruce recommends top make-up brushes!

At Nanshy myself and the team are always excited when we hear back from you, our customers. Your opinion matters to us, which is why we are always excited to hear what you think about our products.

maddie bruce makeup brushes

Maddie Bruce
Maddie Bruce

So when we heard that Maddie Bruce had posted a vlog featuring our brushes we couldn’t wait to see it, and after watching it we were ecstatic with Maddie’s comments, which is why we decided to offer her subscribers 10% off at Nanshy.

Maddie is a fantastic beauty vlogger, and we felt honoured to be featured in one of her ever popular videos, you can watch it here to hear Maddie’s advice on make-up brushes and see what she had to say about her Nanshy brushes:

To see Maddies other videos click here:

Maddie regularly uploads lots of helpful beauty focussed vlogs which you might find helpful!

Have you got anything to say about the Nanshy brushes? It’s great to share your experiences with others and we all know how much reviews and advice helps when it comes to making purchase decisions.

Get in touch and let us know how you got on with your Nanshy brushes, simply leave a comment, tweet us or email us your thoughts!

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