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Spoolie Brush

Spoolie Brush

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  • High-performance eyebrow & eyelash brush

  • Ultra-soft but firm synthetic hair

  • Robust, engraved copper ferrule

  • Uniquely formed bristles for precision

  • Shorter-end, exclusive to Nanshy (find out more below)


Shape your brows and comb your lashes with the use of our double ended spoolie.

Groomed brows and lashes are now on trend. This is why we had to develop the ultimate tool to help you get the perfect look.

Longer-end: use to shape your brows. Spray some hairspray onto the brush head and comb through your brows for additional hold.

Shorter-end: round shape allows to separate every lash on top as well as underneath. Hold the brush vertically for more precision.

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