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Nanshy USPs including cruelty-free and vegan

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

We demand 100% cruelty-free and at the highest quality, plus a tremendous value for the price. We could only achieve what we believe you deserve by designing, developing and manufacturing Nanshy.

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Brush Care

Keep Your Brushes Thriving with Nanshy Brush Care: Wash away the worries,... 

  • Fabulous Brushes


    Not only are these brushes amazing to use, but I accidentally ordered the wrong brush, I called the next morning to see if I could exchange before the order was sent out and the customer service was excellent, very helpful and friendly 😊 Definitely recommend 👌🏼

    Michelle R.

  • awesome brush


    Ive been using this brush to apply my foundation for a few months now and i have to say the finish is flawless. One of the best brushes i have come across it certainly gives the more expensive brands a run for their money!


  • Amazing brush!

    First brush I have purchased from Nanshy and it is so good!Best application of foundation I've had, move over Bobbi Brown 😊

    Mandy H.

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