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Drop of Finesse Makeup Blending Sponge

Drop of Finesse Makeup Blending Sponge

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  • Easy to use, easy to care for - washable and re-usable

  • Tremendous Quality

  • Latex-free foam, non-allergenic and odour free


Multi-dimensional makeup blending sponge. 3 flat surfaces + round bottom takes blending to the next level. The slanted edge is great for controlled stippling, the small flat top edge for targeted coverage, perfect for the under eyes, and the rounded end for all-over buffing.

Contouring, baking, tanning or bronzing? The Drop of Finesse ensures a flawless, perfect finish all over the face and body:  a streak-free application of your favourite foundation, highlighter, bronzer or body make-up. Helps to achieve the perfect coverage, gives your skin a delicate, fresh glow when moist.

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