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Flat Foundation Brush

Flat Foundation Brush

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  • Vegan-approved synthetic Taklon bristles that are cruelty-free, non-porous, doesn't absorb too much product, transfer less bacteria and dead skin cells

  • Each brush is hand made with precision for guaranteed long lifetime

  • Wooden handle covered in waterproof painted with an additional coat of pearl for beautiful appearance and protection

  • Robust metal ferrule - bent and scratch resistant with Nanshy logo engraved on – guaranteed authe


Our Flat Foundation Makeup Brush has angled cut for precise application of your favourite product. Get into hard to reach areas around your nose, eyes and creases.  This foundation brush can also be used for creams and bases/primers.
In order to achieve flawless and even application use Nanshy's Foundation Brush. Get the high definition look now!

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