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Makeup Brush Guards Mesh Protectors Shapers (10pcs)

Makeup Brush Guards Mesh Protectors Shapers (10pcs)

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  • The flexible and breathable

  • Protects brush bristles

  • Extends the life of your tools

  • Reshapes after cleaning

These makeup brush guards fit perfectly over your large brushes.
Use them to protect the bristles of your brush and also after cleaning to help them maintain their shape.

Our Brush Guards are the ideal travel and storage solution for your brushes. The guards help to prevent damage to brush heads and protect brushes in the make-up bag.

Pack includes 10 large guards to suit most brush types and help protect your brushes for longer.

Brush Guards can also be placed over wet brushes to help with re-shaping whilst drying.

115mm x 12mm with expandable width. Length can be cut to size.

Please note brushes are not included with this set.

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