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Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder - Clear

Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder - Clear

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    • Makeup Brush Holder fits 19 brushes
    • Store 7 large brushes (handle up to 2 cm diameter)
    • Store 2 medium brushes (handle up to 1.7 cm diameter)
    • Store 3 smaller brushes (handle up to 1.5 cm diameter)
    • Store 7 small brushes (1 x 1.2 cm,  4 x 1 cm,  2 x 0.8 cm diameter)
    • This brush stand has a 14 cm diameter and 8 cm height

Get organised and keep your brushes at the ready with this acryclic makeup brush holder. With room for 19 brushes of all sizes, you can easily store your favorites and find them easily when it's time to get dolled up. No more digging through overflowing drawers or bags - this holder has got you covered! (Get it?)

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