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Why choose Cruelty Free Makeup Products and Tools?

The purpose of this article is to explain why choose Cruelty Free Cosmetics and Tools. Here at Nanshy we strive to support this great cause.

Why choose Cruelty Free?

Animal testing by cosmetic manufacturing companies is an ugly business. Worldwide, millions of innocent animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and mice suffer from these testing procedures. The tests are conducted to find out whether any of the ingredients or the product itself is unsafe for use by humans. Animal rights activists from all parts of the world strongly oppose these testing operations. Because of their efforts, these operations are now banned in countries like Israel, Norway, India, all EU(including UK)

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However, in countries like China, where beauty market is a $32 billion industry, it is still compulsory to test all the makeup products as well as makeup accessories like brushes and applicators before selling them in the market. It is believed that more than 100 million animals are killed during these testing operations in China and US. In many other cases, the animals are permanently blinded, poisoned or crippled because of the allergic reactions caused by the chemicals which most of these cosmetics have.

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Still unsure why choose Cruelty Free? We should avoid using animal tested makeup products and accessories not just because these products are painted with the blood of innocent animals, but also because these products can prove to be extremely harmful for your skin and eyes. It is astonishing that more than 90 percent of the products that pass animal testing procedures fail at the clinical trials where they are tested on humans. In order to get the approval of the health department, each product or makeup accessory has to undergo at least 50 experiments that require more than 12,000 animals. Most of the tests are conducted by rubbing harmful chemicals on the skins of the animals. Some tests are done by force feeding the animals with lethal doses of the chemicals to determine what amount of the product will cause serious health issues in humans.

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There are many cosmetic manufacturing giants which have stopped following these cruel procedures, since there are a number of alternatives to these brutal operations. Opt for the brands of makeup products and applicators which are approved by organizations like PETA for being 100 percent cruelty free or alternatively you can use organic or synthetically produced products. For example, you can buy synthetic makeup brushes instead of brushes which are made from animal-hair.

There is a perception that synthetic makeup brushes are not as good as the ones made from animal-hair. This notion is absolutely baseless! In fact, synthetic brushes offer you additional benefits such as –

  • Finer Bristles – Synthetic makeup brushes, produced with the help of latest technologies come with finer bristles as compared to animal-hair bristles. This helps you in achieving more precision.
  • Easier to Clean – Synthetic brushes can be cleaned easily and more effectively, thus making you less prone to infections and skin allergies.
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin – If you have sensitive skin, certain animal-hair brushes might not suit you. Synthetic brushes do not cause irritation of any kind.

cruelty free brushes We, at Nanshy  are proud to announce that all our products are absolutely cruelty free. Our makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers, which mean no animal fur has been used in their manufacturing. Nanshy is one of the few brands of makeup accessories, which have been approved by PETA organization for being 100 percent vegan and eco-friendly.

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