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Synthetic Brushes vs Natural – Advantages

Brushes and applicators are an essential part of our makeup kits. Without them, we can’t really make use of our expensive products correctly, in order to get the desired look. Depending on the bristles, there are two types of makeup brushessynthetic brushes vs natural. While natural brushes are made from animal hair, the synthetic ones are made up of nylon or polyester fibres.

synthetic brushes vs natural
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Synthetic Brushes vs Natural

People are switching from natural to synthetic, not only because it’s a heart-wrenching fact that millions of ponies, squirrels and minks are killed each year in order to produce these brushes, but also, because synthetic brushes are now capable of offering you a range of advantages –

  • Synthetic Brushes are More Hygienic – Natural brushes have cracks and ridges which are caused by cuticles. This feature has been favoured by many beauty experts since it allows you to pick up more powder, but the same feature becomes a pain when you try to clean the brushes.
synthetic brushes vs natural
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Makeup gets stuck in the cracks, which make them far less hygienic. On the other hand, synthetic brushes made up of taklon fibres have anti-bacterial properties that do not allow bacteria to grow on the surface of the bristles.

  • Texture is Retained – In due course of time, natural bristles become sharp and pokey but synthetic brushes, which are produced with the help of latest technologies, retain their soft texture even after several years of use. This feature is especially useful in case of eye-makeup brushes, since the eye area is very sensitive and if your brush is harsh, you’ll hurt your eyes.
  • Less Wastage – The same pores and cracks that give you a hard time while you try to clean the brushes, also make sure that tons of your products gets wasted. Natural bristles absorb liquid and cream based products. As a result, a substantial amount of your makeup gets wasted.
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin – If you have sensitive skin, there is a possibility that you’ll develop acne or a skin allergy after using animal-hair brushes.
synthetic brushes for sensitive skin
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Synthetic brushes are more suitable for people with sensitive skin or who are allergic to animal-hair.

  • Longer Lifespan – Like human hair, animal-hair is also prone to breakage and over the time deterioration. Thus, bristles of natural brushes shed more rapidly as compared to synthetic brushes. So you’ll have to replace natural brushes more frequently.
  • More Economical – Both, synthetic brushes and natural brushes are available in different ranges of quality and price.

Natural brushes have always been more expensive since initially, synthetic brushes were not as smooth. But today, synthetic brushes are not only offering you an equivalent quality, but also, a bouquet of advantages and still, synthetic brushes are less expensive!

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