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5 Biggest Makeup Trends for Summer

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If you’re planning a sizzling summer, you’ll want to be on trend with your makeup whether you plan to hit the dance floor, rock a summer festival, or simply draw maximum attention at parties and events. Vivid and electric eye colours are big this year and should be paired with nude lips for the best effect. You’ll also find bright crimson lipsticks on every beauty counter along with flamingo pink lipsticks, and both of them will create a hot look for summer, with no need to wear eyeshadow to achieve a modern appearance.

Some of the top trends for summer 2018 include:

1. Electric Eyes

5 Biggest Makeup Trends for Summer 2018
photo credit Instagram @natashadenona

Electric colours for eyeshadows are really big this summer and hark back to the vivid colours worn in the 90s. Look out for electric greens in glittery shades and simply use your fingers to apply them. Wing the colour out towards the temples and finish off the look with gel eyeliner smudged into the roots of your lashes and generous helpings of glitter shadow up to the line of the eyebrow. These modern, vibrant shades look tremendous when paired with nude lips for summer.

2. Baby wing eyeliner looks

5 Biggest Makeup Trends for Summer 2018.
photo credit Instagram @chiutips

Minimalists will adore the baby wing eye look that can be created using a touch of coloured eyeliner flicking up from the outer wings of the eyes. Some of the fantastic eyeliner colours you can check out for summer 2018 include magenta, white, lavender and yellow.

3. Blue is the hottest colour for 2018 eyeshadows

5 Biggest Makeup Trends for Summer 2018.
photo credit Instagram @Danessa_Myricks

Eyeshadow palettes for summer 2018 are definitely not boring. You’ll find some of the most vibrant shades for eyes on sale now and blue is set to be “the” hot fashion trend. One of the catwalk trends to come out of the Spring/Summer shows was bold blocks of eye colour in these bright shades, and you’ll probably want to use a high-quality eye brush set to apply solid blocks of your chosen colour accurately. Achieving the look means creating graphic blocks of colour on the upper eyelid which look as if they have been stamped into the skin. Mac’s Acrylic Paints are the perfect choice for recreating this catwalk look.

4. Go for a nude look using a little bronzer for added warmth

5 Biggest Makeup Trends for Summer 2018.
photo credit Instagram @Danessa_Myricks

Natural complexions and minimal amounts of makeup are another one of the makeup trends to strike big in 2018. You should be ditching your heavy foundations and quitting contouring this summer and just adding a touch of sun-kissed colour to your face with bronzer. It’s not about adding heaps of colour to your skin when you use bronzer, it’s really just to give added warmth, so should be applied sparingly. It’s really easy to apply bronzer and best to use a large and fluffy angled makeup brush so that the colour is applied evenly all over the face.

5. The lips say it all…..

5 Biggest Makeup Trends for Summer 2018.
photo credit Instagram @rebeccaspendlove

Lip gloss is on-trend for summer, with a shiny, nude look that requires the application of plenty of gloss. Lilac is also a big hit for summer lips and you can opt for vivid and bold matte lip colours in lilac if you plan to make a statement or choose more subdued lilac lip glosses for a softer and warmer enhancement to your style. You’ll also find a lot of crimson lip colours on the beauty counters this summer – red lipstick is a habitual favourite any time of year, but this year the stores are stocking far more vibrant crimson shades than before. You won’t need to wear any more makeup when you apply your crimson lipsticks, just let your bright and glossy pout do all the talking for you. Another hot shade for lips this summer is flamingo pink, which adds neon pink looks to summer lips and is ideal when you’re hoping to impress at BBQs or pool parties.


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