6 Reasons Why Switching to Vegan Beauty Products is a Great Idea

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Are you trying to adopt veganism? Sorry to make things even more difficult but you need to realize that vegans not only monitor the food they consume and the clothes they wear, but also the beauty products and the makeup accessories including makeup brushes they use in their daily lives.

Vegan Beauty Products Bunny
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If you have decided to switch to vegan beauty, you’ve decided to support an amazing cause and also, now you are all set to pick healthier as well as safer products for your skin. If you still need some more convincing, I bet following reasons will suffice

Benefits of using Vegan Beauty Products

  • You Will be Avoiding Dead Animal By-products – By choosing vegan beauty products you will definitely be avoiding dead animal by-products from touching your delicate skin. These by-products include things like uric acid extracted from cows, dead insect extracts, beeswax and what not!
  • Vegan Products are Better Suited for Sensitive Skin – Performance wise, vegan beauty products are considered superior since they have lesser ingredients in them.
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These cosmetics are produced with a handful of ingredients, all of which have been tested positive for inducing health benefits.

  • You’ll be Avoiding Animal-Tested Products – Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals and therefore they are 100 percent cruelty free.

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No squirrels, minks, rabbits or rats are killed or blinded in order to produce these products

  • Packaging is Also Important – Vegan cosmetics and accessories come with packaging that has been made from recycled materials. Vegan brands are known to be extremely cautious about their packaging designs and materials.
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It’s important that both, your product as well as its packaging is completely eco-friendly.

  • Are Vegan Products Expensive? – Now you must be wondering if everything about vegan cosmetics is so great then why people buy non vegan products in the first place. ‘Money’ is the answer you are looking for. Vegan products are comparatively expensive.
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But when you are getting such an impressive bouquet of beauty and health benefits, would you really mind spending a few extra bucks? Plus, as far as vegan makeup accessories are concerned, they are always cheaper as compared to their natural/non-vegan counterparts.

  • There is No Dearth of Variety – More and more cosmetic brands are choosing the path of veganism.
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Think of any makeup product or accessory and you’ll find at least fifty different brands selling the vegan version of it.

Search for Cruelty Free and Vegan brands on PETA.org

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