5 Highlighting and Contouring Makeup Hacks, Tips, Tricks

Contouring is the hottest make-up trend right now, from catwalk to High Street. Anyone who’s anyone is contouring and emphasising their best features, so if you want to get cheekbones like Kate Moss or the perfect pout like Kylie Jenner, read on for some top tips from the experts here at Nanshy! Tweet to your friends! (click here)

What tools are required for Highlighting and Contouring?

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out which tools you’ll need to master makeup contouring techniques. Our shop has everything you need to get started, from firm foundation brushes to angled contouring brushes and everything in between – the synthetic bristles are cruelty-free and really lend themselves to contouring. Grab your tools and let’s begin!

TIP #1: Concealer

Firstly, start with the concealer – and don’t be shy about it! Concealer is a really useful weapon in any make-up lover’s kit, and it’s not just for hiding those dark circles under your eyes. Apply this magic product with the Conceal Perfector, using a dabbing motion instead of rubbing to create the desired effect – you’ll want to use it on the areas that you want to highlight: the brow bone, the top of the cheekbones and the line down the middle of your nose.concealer

TIP #2: Foundation

Next, use your foundation. In order to create the perfect contoured look, you’ll need to pick up three shades of foundation. One will match your skin tone perfectly, one will be two shades darker and one will be two shades lighter. This will help you to contour your face perfectly, highlighting those gorgeous cheekbones and giving the face some real shape, without distorting the natural skin colour too much. To achieve a totally flawless look, be sure to pick up a Flawless Foundation brush.foundation

TIP #3: Guidelines

To create the perfect contouring guideline for your cheeks, draw a straight line from the corner of your mouth to the top of your ear with an Angled Contour Brush. This is where you apply the darker foundation, creating a shadow below your cheekbones that looks razor-sharp! This darker area should be no wider than your little finger – if you make it much wider, you’ll start to look hollow and gaunt, instead of glowing and radiant.
Use Conceal Perfector to apply highlighter. Draw a line from the outer edge of your nose through to the outer corner of your eye. Use some slight shading on the side of your head, where the temple is, to emphasise the cheeks and give your eyes a fantastic, age-defying lift!guidelines

TIP #4: Draw a line

Next, using your contouring product we’ll make your nose look straighter and slimmer. Draw a line starting from the beginning of the eyebrows, going straight down to the tip of your nose. To make your nose look slimmer bring the lines closer together. Additionally if you want to make your nose shorter apply the product under the tip of the nose, a pencil brush (exclusive to the Masterful Collection) will do the job perfectly.draw-a-line

TIP #5: Blend

Lastly – blend, blend, blend! Using a stippling make-up brush (exclusive to the Masterful Collection), make sure that the guidelines you’ve drawn on your face aren’t visible and ensure that the make-up blends seamlessly on your face. This might take a while, but the effects will be stunning and you’ll be ready to walk the catwalk – or the local High Street!blend



Contouring isn’t rocket science. If you follow the tips we gave you above, your application will improve.

We found that face contouring is a rising trend and will stay with us for some time. So, make sure you do it the right way.

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Highlighting and Contouring Makeup

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