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5 Simple Habits to Get Clear, Beautiful, Radiant Skin

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What is Radiant Skin? –  Glowing, healthy, scar and blemish free.

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So you have a great wardrobe, full of designer clothes and accessories along with a makeup kit that can give any girl from the tinsel town a reason to feel envious, but still you are not happy with the way you look? It’s probably your skin. No matter how skilful you are with your makeup brush, you can’t compete with those who have naturally glowing, unblemished skin. So what’s their secret? Here, we have compiled 5 habits you need to embrace in your daily lives in order to get a clear, flawless complexion –

  • Sunscreen is your Best Buddy – One of the most common reasons why people suffer from dull, dry and uneven skin-tone is ‘chronic sun exposure’.

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Just like you never forget to brush your teeth, first thing in the morning, never forget to apply sunscreen before stepping outside. Wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above, that protects your skin from both, UVB as well as UVA rays.

  • ‘Before Going to the Bed’ Skin Pampering Ritual – Your skin deals with makeup, oil and dirt throughout the day, therefore it’s important to pamper your skin during the night. < – Tweet This

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Form a ‘skin-rejuvenating’ ritual that involves systematic removal of makeup, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. More importantly, follow this routine religiously.

  • Healthy Body = Healthy Skin – You can’t underestimate this norm. In order to look radiant you’ve got to start eating right. Yes, this may sound cliché, but a balanced diet and a proper exercising routine can do wonders to your skin.
    Water – drink plenty of fluids. Sarah Smith of Daily Mail recommends drinking three litres of water a day.

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Exercising increases the blood-flow in your body and the sweat eliminates harmful toxins from your system.

  • Don’t Fall for the Fads – Picking the right makeup products and accessories is really important. The market is over-flowing with thousands of brands, promising you that they can achieve the impossible. Do not fall for these claims blindly!

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Do your research, understand your skin’s requirements and then spend your hard-earned money. If you have sensitive skin, keep your products minimal and simplistic.

  • Excessive Smoking is the Culprit, Again! – Sun is your biggest enemy. He has the most powerful resources to harm your skin. The only person, who can be his competitor, is the pack of cigarettes in your handbag.

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Excessive smoking causes premature wrinkles, fine-lines and dull skin. It breaks down collagen in your body. Less collagen means more wrinkles.

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