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6 Celebrity-Inspired Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

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Whether you’ve got a partner in your life or you’re single and living it up, finding the right makeup look for Valentine’s Day will keep you feeling fresh and looking beautiful. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite makeup tips and tutorials for your Valentine’s Day makeup look, based on the latest in makeup trends.

  1. Shine bright like a diamond
  2. Smoky crimson
  3. Soft and cuddly
  4. Berry good indeed
  5. Ready to pounce
  6. Shut up and kiss me

Let the 6 Valentine’s Day makeup Looks begin!

1. Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond
Source Instagram @fentybeautyfan

Styled by Rihanna and with a focus on keeping your skin looking youthful, you’ll be left feeling fresh and cuter than Cupid with this hot new look. All you have to do is brush your highlight in a C-shaped motion from the top of your cheekbones right up to your temple using a high-quality fan brush. Next, for the ultimate shine effect, apply the same colour to your eyelids. Finally, coat your lips with a red lipstick, apply lip gloss and you’ll be left absolutely shining.

2. Smoky crimson

Hung Vanngo Makeup Look
Source Instagram @hungvanngo

Designed by Hung Vanngo, this look leaves a hot red smoky effect around your eyes and will make you feel so sexy you’ll hardly be able to stand it (and neither will your partner). To achieve this seductive Valentine’s Day makeup look, apply any deep red eyeshadow to the lower lash lines and the entire crease, extending upward and outward as you go. Blend the edges using a softer red eyeshadow and an eyeshadow blending brush. To complete the look, coat your lashes with a bold black mascara and try a rosy nude lipstick for your lips. That way, all of the focus will stay on your fiery eyes.

3. Soft and cuddly

Soft and cuddly
Source Instagram @jenniferlawrence.daily

If you want something super girly and delightfully endearing, this look, worn by the awesome Jennifer Lawrence, will leave potential suitors fighting over who gets to wrap you up snug in a blanket. First, you’ll need to apply a heavy layer of charcoal eyeliner. Follow this up with a soft pink shadow around the edges of your eyes and add a gentle shimmer to your tear ducts. This will draw extra attention to your eyes. To finish, try brushing the same soft pink shadow on your brow bone to really highlight your sultry side. To up your brow game, you could also consider getting a quality eye brush set.

4. Berry good indeed

Berry good indeed
Source Instagram @lupitanyongo

When you think Valentine’s, the first colour that pops into your head is probably bright red, but who says that you have to go with the crowd? Be adventurous and throw caution to the wind this Valentine’s Day with a berry coloured lipstick like this one, worn by Lupita Nyong’o. To create the perfect purple look, pair this up with smokey black eyeshadow and thick black mascara for long, gorgeous lashes. Before dipping into any purple shadows with your brushes, make sure that your brushes are clean with a top of the range brush soap to avoid any colour clashing accidents.

5. Ready to pounce

Ready to pounce
Source Instagram @bellahadid

One look that’s been trending of late is the cat eyes, as seen here worn by Bella Hadid. Create this Valentine’s Day makeup look that will leave you looking dangerously alluring on the 14th of February by using double-winged eyeliner to give you the ultimate feline features. Next, strategically place gold eyeshadow on the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Apply a touch of pink to your cheeks to complete this catty style, blending the colour in using a good blending sponge.

6. Shut up and kiss me

Shut up and kiss me
Source Instagram:

If you want irresistible lips this Valentine’s, this look, worn by Margot Robbie, will make your pout appear soft, sexy and super kissable. This style relies on subtlety, which is why you’ll want to use a light pink lip stain, as opposed to a lipstick. This will give your lips a ‘just been kissed’ look. To really set this off, apply two layers of mascara to make your lashes look extra thick, or, if you’re feeling really fancy, try wearing a half set of lashes. Finally, brush a hint of pink across your cheeks with a blush brush.

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