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7 Dazzling Makeup Tips to Rock a Festival

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With the summer season coming into full effect, it also makes it prime time for festivals too. For many, this is the highlight of the year with so many great ones to choose from. After all, who doesn’t love getting away from it all with their friends for a few days and having some fun? When you throw in some cool music and (hopefully!) the sun, it is a recipe for good times.

Of course, looking great at any festivals you go to is a key. As stars like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have shown recently, you don’t need to leave the makeup at home to rock out at your next festival. If you need a few makeup tips to be a real festival queen then read on.

1. Rainbow sunset eyeshadow

Rainbow sunset eyeshadow

This look will certainly make you stand out in the crowd – for all the right reasons! Seen most recently on Jade Thirlwall, this makeup tip will give bold, bright colour around your eyes to help them look amazing. Simply apply different rainbow colours of eyeshadow above and below your eyes to get the effect. Just remember to not put too much on and blend in well so the effect is striking rather than over-the-top. It is also best to keep your lip colour quite natural with this look too.

2. Multi-task with nude lipstick

Summer makup tips

Let’s face it – although you want to look fab while catching your favourite band, you also may not have room to pack your whole makeup bag. Take a tip from Oscar da la Renta and rely on a nude lipstick. Apply it to your lips as normal but then also blend some onto your eyelids and cheeks for a classy, glowing look.

3. Match glitter with colour

summer makeup tips, fastival glitter

Seen on Victoria Justice at the recent Coachella Music Festival, this is a great makeup tip to use. It gives really stunning results while being pretty easy to pull off. When you’re trying to get ready in a 2-person tent, that is a real bonus! Just match some bright, candy pink lipstick with a little glitter above your eyebrows for an awesome look. It gives a real touch of glamour without being too outrageous for that festival vibe.

4. Go for that hippy vibe

summer hippy vibe

Music festivals are all about peace, love and tunes so why not reflect that in your makeup? Choosing the right kind of eyeshadow can really help here, especially when teamed with messy, flowing hair and a cute maxi-dress. Pick out those LA-style shades like sunset orange to help set the look off and really get into the festival vibe.

5. Don’t forget your essential make-up bits


Blending Sponge, summer makeup essentialsSometimes it is so easy to focus on the look you want to achieve, that you forget about this altogether! Make sure to pick all the essential pieces of make-up kit you will need when rocking out. This is everything from sponges to makeup brushes and a cosmetic bag to carry it all in. After all, you can have all the make-up ideas you need but it will be to no avail with nothing to apply them with.

6. Keep it simple

summer simple makeup

When it comes to festival makeup, it is tempting to really go to town and make glitter your best friend. While this can look amazing, sometimes it can be nice to pull it back in a bit. This is especially true if you are off to a smaller, local festival. For these occasions, it is wise to apply some classy charcoal eyeliner and set the look off with a soft, pink shadow around the edge of your eyes. Teamed with a cute nude or rose-hued lipstick, this will give an elegant yet still striking look.

7. Think about accessories

summer accessoriesJust as key for the current up to date festival makeup look are facial accessories. This can be anything from subtle gold stars at the top of the cheekbone as seen on Alessandra Ambrosio or subtle specks of glitter dotted below the eyes, above the eyebrows or on the forehead. The keyword here though is subtle – it is more about adding a tiny bit of interest to draw people’s attention, rather than going overboard with it.


Of course, to help achieve many of the above looks, the best quality make-up products are vital. We stock a wide range of 100% cruelty-free, vegan make-up sponges, bags and brushes. Browse our choice today so you can rock that perfect festival look in the most ethical manner.


7 Dazzling Makeup Tips to Rock a Festival

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