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Bring Out The Deep Berry Lips

berry lips
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This week we are coming at you with another one of the hottest makeup trends on the radar for fall of 2014. Any fashion-forward girl that’s been paying attention to this year’s runways knows that it’s all about rich berry hues this season. From glosses to stains, fashionistas everywhere will be sporting berry shades once those leaves start to change, but like most bold lip colours, this one can be difficult to pull off. It’s all about finding the right variation for your skin tone and complexion and that’s why we have put together the best tips on how to find the right berry hue that is perfect for you.

Berry Lips for different skin types

Berry Lips and Fair Skin

Fair skinned ladies can get away with most bold hues and berry is no exception. If you are on the paler side, opt for a darker shade that really pops against your skin. The one thing you want to keep in mind is that everything needs to stay balanced. You can play up your lashline but avoid pairing super dark or smokey eye looks with a bold berry lip colour. You can even use a darker berry stain and simply blot your lips to get the perfect burst of colour.

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Autumn Makeup Tutorial by Chloe(link to her channel on Youtube)

Berry Lips and Medium Skin

Medium skin tones are fairly versatile. They aren’t too dark or two pale so they can pull off a range of colours without looking washed out or overdone. Next time you are in the grocery store take note of the colour of raspberries in the produce section. This is the shade you should aim for. It won’t be overly bold, bright, or understated against your complexion making it the perfect colour to sport on your lips both day and night.

Berry Lips and Dark Skin

This is where it can get a little bit tricky. Dark skin tones can look amazing with bold hues but since berry shades tend to be very rich they can get lost in a dark complexion. This is why you should look for something that is on the lighter and brighter side. Think more along the lines of a bright jewel tone rather than a deep or rich berry shade. Try using a berry lipstick with less blue tones to create contrast and then coat your lips with a layer of bright berry coloured gloss to add definition to your lips and help them stand out. Also, make sure to prime your lips before application to keep your lips from looking flaky.

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