Fashion Week Rundown – The Hot Looks

Last year’s fashion weeks have been and gone, and given us a great preview of what we can expect for the coming months with regards to make-up trends and the latest beauty crazes. Here at Nanshy we’ve hand-picked some of our favourite fashion week beauty looks – so grab your brushes and get practicing to ensure you’re the toast of the High Street catwalk this season!

fashion week looks
Anton Oparin /

Jaeger (click for the look book) had a great take on androgynous style in their presentation, and the make-up looks matched perfectly. The beauty team took the contouring trend one step further, creating an almost sculpted look with neutral tones that made the models appear other-worldly. Using stone and beige tones, the make-up designers developed an incredibly strong long – we don’t know if we’ll be replicating it perfectly next time we head out, but we’ll certainly take inspiration with some chic contouring!

We adored Dolce and Gabbana’s exotic take on Italian style. Their models (led by new fashion fave Kendall Jenner) were all brunette beauties with centre parts in their hair, strutting forwards as a group in embellished shorts and white blouses. Their make-up looks were identical – strong, dark eyebrows, an olive skin tone and rich red lips that brought to mind images of balmy evenings drinking red wine overlooking the Tuscan countryside. We love this look!

Kendall Jenner Cannes 2014 (cropped)

At the Givenchy presentation in Paris, we weren’t really sure about the strong look – even when paraded on such faces as Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and, yes, Kendall Jenner again. The bleached eyebrows look stole a lot of attention from the clothing, and not always for the best reasons – how could they bleach Cara’s bold, beautiful brows? It certainly made a statement but we don’t know if we’ll be copying this look when we head out for cocktails with the girls.

Cara Delevingne celebrity makeup makeup
Featureflash /

Now, Jason Wu’s strong beauty look is one we can definitely see ourselves adapting for happy hour at a cocktail bar. From a distance, the look didn’t look too dissimilar to any of the natural, glowing, radiant styles that many other designers had opted for – but up close, you could see a gorgeous smattering of glittering chocolate eyeshadow across the entire lid. Shimmery bronze and brown complemented one another perfectly and the rest of the face was kept fairly neutral in order to draw all attention to those peepers. A gorgeous look that we’re itching to copy with our Nanshy brushes!

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