Getting Creative with Glitter

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The festive season screams glamour and glitter. Sequins and sparkles are on trend, as are luxe materials, golds, silvers and bronze and of course lots and lots of glitter. Take your look one step further this season by getting create with glitter, using it in your make-up look to really up the fun factor this season.

Perfect for Christmas and new year looks, glorious glitter is the ideal way to add a bit of festive fun.

Lower Lash Glitter

Typically if we’re wanting to add glitter to our look, we opt to simply apply it to our top lid. This is a great look, but it’s playing it a little safe. This year why not try a really stand out festive look, rather than a subtle look.

lower lash glitter

Try experimenting with glitter bellow the lower lash line, we love this idea of solid glitter on the top lid, fading up above and around the brow, with a dusting of glitter under the eye and on the cheek bones.

Double Up

Who said you should only apply glitter to one area of the face? Banish this idea and go for glittery eyes and lips this season to really embrace the festive look. Go for one stand out and unusual colour such as deep blue or burgundy, or stick to colours that are more typically seen on these areas for a slightly more subtle approach, such as pink on the lips and browns on the lids.

Double up glitter

Dark and Daring

When we think of glitter many of us think of a glirly, feminine and pretty look, but in fact glitter is a great to create a dark grunge look with a glamorous edge, and works to add another dimension to usually flat darker shadows.

For a super luxe grunge look try applying black or charcoal shadow to the lid and crease, and then patting on glitter in layers to build it up, adding more to the crease and applying it under the eye.

Glorious Gold

gold glitter

Gold is the ideal way to portray festive glamour, and looks great with both a red or a nude/pink lip. Rather than opting for a dusting of gold across the lid this Christmas, instead use several gold glitters to build up a textured look. Starting with fine glitter on the lid and chunkier glitter right up to the brows and in the corners of the eyes.

A varied set of quality brushes is key when it comes to applying glitter, shadow, crease and angled brushes are all essential and can all be found here.

I love getting creative with glitter around this time of year, whether you’ve got a Christmas work do to attend, a big date or the an amazing new years eve party, glitter is the ideal way to inject a little extra festive fun into your look.

Know someone else who loves glitter? Share this post with them! And don’t forget to let me know how you’ll get creative with glitter this season.

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