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How to create HD brows at home

Big, bold eyebrows are in. We all want the defined arch that is thicker and bolder than our own. But how do we achieve this?

There are so many options made available to us to create that fuller-looking brow. There are pencils, powders, pomades and gels on the market, as well as the option of semi-permanent makeup.

These desired brows can be achieved with a step-by-step guide we’ve created for you. With a few techniques and tools, you’re able to create those HD brows at home. Now we can all look like Cara Delevingne!


Begin by investing in a good powder palette, pencil or pomade that is best suited to you and your eyebrow colour. HD Brows do a great palette, which suits every hair colour. Today, Remy’s using the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade which suits her sparse brows.


Mark three points onto your eyebrows. This should be where your eyebrows start, arch and finish. This will make the application easier, and the arch more defined and precise.


Outline your shape by following the three marks you have just done. To help create sharp and defined line try using an angled brush. Our brow brush is perfect for using both on the wax and powder to help create a defined shape.

Use short and soft brush strokes to fill in the sparse areas of your brows. This technique mimics the brows hairs making them look naturally fuller without being drawn on. If you want a more natural looking brow, you can use a brow powder create a softer and subtle colour.


If you find the brush strokes to be harsh, blend it out with a spoolie. This will also blend away the harsh edges of the outline so that it looks natural. If you’re satisfied with the way it looks, take any brow gel to set the brow hairs in place. Remy is using the Benefit Gimme Brow to also add more volume to her brows.


Repeat the steps again on your other brow. Remember your eyebrows are sisters and not twins. You will not be able to create the exact same shape on both brows and this is perfectly normal.


This step is optional. Apply a highlighter underneath each of your eyebrows. This will give the eyebrows a more lifted shape and will brighten your eyes as well.

So now you have created gorgeous full looking brows, which was probably easier than you thought it would be! Make sure you keep to a shape and style your face will suit.

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