How To Get The Latest Celebrity Makeup Looks?

 We all love to look like our favourite celebrities as they grace the stage, hit the catwalk or appear on-screen. From style tips to beauty guides, we can’t stop imitating celebs! Nanshy has put together a handy guide to recreate three strong celebrity looks that we know you’ll go crazy for. Get your Nanshy brushes at the ready!


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She’s currently on hiatus while she raises her baby boy, but Adele’s beauty lookbook took on a strong style in recent years and is still popular today. The 60s-inspired beehive she wears in her hair, coupled with chic black dresses and lashings of eyeliner makes for one slick songstress!

6 easy steps to recreate Adele’s look. All starts with flawless, airbrushed base.

  1. Use a water-based foundation to keep it just the right side of natural and ensure your foundation doesn’t look ‘caked on’.
  2. Then choose a dewy blush with a small amount of shimmer – don’t overdo it! This look is all about subtlety until we get to the showstopping eyes!
  3. Using a lip brush, choose a gorgeous peachy pink shade of lipstick that will give your lips just enough shimmer to stand out but without detracting from the eyes, which are the key to this look.
  4. Now – the eyes! Opt for metallic eyeshadows like burnished bronze or charcoal grey with a hint of shimmer to make sure your peepers are the star of the show. Using the eyeliner brush, carefully line your upper lid and create a cat-eye look with flicks towards the temple – bonus points if you get both eyes matching the first time!
  5. Then press on your glamorous fake eyelashes and head off to wow the crowds!

Cara Delevingne

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Cara is the model-of-the-moment right now, and we’ve had plenty of questions about her signature look. We’ll get to those brows in a second – first, let’s focus on the base.

Cara likes a fuss-free look, so if you’re confident enough in your own skin, just dap a little concealer on your brow bones and cheeks and you’re good to go! If you need a little more coverage to even out your skin tone, consider trying to make it look a little more natural with some fake freckles – yes, you heard us right! Fake freckles are all the rage right now, with many cosmetics companies bringing out their own freckle pencils. It’s not such a rare thing – in years gone by many women would draw on a fake beauty spot; this is just an extension of that.

Next up, the lips. Again, you want to adhere to that much-loved make-up tip – it’s eyes or lips, never both! And with those bold brows and incredible green eyes, Cara isn’t one for a bold lip too, as it can feel like a little too much. Smudge on some lip balm or a gorgeous nude shade and you’re good to go.

Lastly, the eyes! Cara’s stand-out feature is obviously those eyebrows, and she likes to play up her lovely eyes as much as possible. Using an eyeshadow brush, line your eyelid and socket with a shimmering base, to begin with, then work your magic with darker shades towards the outer edge of the eye for a perfect smoky look. Grab an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush with dark eyeshadow and define those brows, but make sure they’re not too precise – Cara’s look is all about care-free attitude, so the more natural-looking, the better. You’ll be ready to own the catwalk in no time!

Now you’re ready to recreate these looks. Which one do you prefer? Is there another celebrity would you like us to cover? Awaiting your thoughts. Comment below.

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