How to Remove Make-up Without Remover

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We’ve all been there, plans change or something unexpected comes along and you end up in a situation where you need to remove your make-up, but don’t have access to your usual products and tools to do so.

Many of us end up leaving our make-up on when we come to realise we don’t have the products we need to remove it, but this can result in dry, tired looking skin, not to mention blemishes from pores being unable to breathe too.

Not being able to remove make-up also means we will have to put up with keeping our old make-up on too, until we are back in a situation where we can remove it properly and then reapply if we so wish.

So when you find yourself in a sticky situation, how can you ensure you’re able to remove your make-up, leaving your skin fresh and glowing?

Let’s find out how to remove your make-up with out remover…

It is possible…

Believe it or not, it is possible to remove your make-up successfully when you don’t have remover, and it’s great to know this simple trick for where you’re caught short.

I wouldn’t recommend regularly using this method, or becoming dependent on it, but it’s great to avoid wearing make-up while you sleep when you can’t take it off, which is really bad for your skin.

Here’s how…

All you need to remove your make-up when you’re all out of remover or haven’t got any to hand is oil. Olive oil works, coconut oil, even vegetable oil at a push (the first two are the best skin friendly choices), but any natural oil is a great way to remove all traces of make-up, working towards keeping your skin looking great, and leaving you able to reapply fresh make-up when you’re ready.

If you can get your hands on some oil, simply pat onto your skin and work in a little with your finger tips to get your make-up moving, then take tissue or cotton wool balls and sweep across your skin.

This method even works to remove stubborn waterproof eye make-up, simply pour a little oil onto tissue and wipe over your eyes to get eye make-up moving, you may need 2-3 cotton balls to remove make-up completely.

Wipe all the oil off, then splash your face with water to remove excess and pat dry.

Not only is this a great way to remove your make-up, the oil is also nourishing to the skin, ensuring you wake up with a bright and fresh complexion.

Give this a go next time you find yourself with out make-up remover and see for yourself. Let me know how you get on, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends who might find it helpful!

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