How to Take Care of Curly Man Hair

Most men are not aware of how fortunate they are to have curly hair. It is a special personal trait that makes their personality more vivid. However, we have to admit that curly hair is more difficult to tame than other styles. So, today we’ll bring into the spotlight the small steps they need to follow religiously to take care of their curly man hair.


1. Shampoo

It is common sense these days that you need to use cosmetic products to ensure a healthy scalp. However, it is likewise important how much material you use and the way you use it.

So, the best advice you will get would be not to shampoo your hair too frequent. To understand why this works to your benefit, let’s see what happens at the level of your scalp. The skin that supports your hair creates a natural oil called “sebum.” This enzyme is waterproof, and it is used to lubricate the skin. The sebum layer also provides good protection against possibly harmful substances and maintains the scalp healthy and hydrated.

So, the sebum works in your favor. However, once it gets too oily and catches too much dust, it is time to get rid of it through shampooing. It is recommended to use hair care products only when it is needed and not desired. Usually, the safe number is somewhere between every other day, and once a week of shampoo.

The shampooing process shouldn’t take you more than one minute. The secret is to squeeze just enough quantity of shampoo to fill a small plastic bottle cap. Before applying it on your scalp, you should distribute the product evenly on your fingers. Then massage all the parts of your scalp until your skin absorbs a thin lather.

2. Conditioner


Even though it is not the favorite product of men, a conditioner should always follow the shampooing of the hair. It is the perfect substance to nurture the curls with enough nutrients to sustain its natural form. The hair will then flow freely in a tamed river of locks.

So, use a small amount of conditioner after you thoroughly wash your hair of shampoo. Apply the product on the entire length of your hair strands. You need to pay attention to the end of your hairs because this is the most fragile part of it. Leave the new coat on for about two minutes and then rinse it abundantly with water. At this point, you are ready to try out one of the many fresh haircuts for black men that gained a lot of popularity this year.

3. Styling Creams

You should test a conditioner out to see if you are content with its results. The chances are that the product will leave your hair smooth, and your curls will follow a natural order. It is a good moment to accept your natural hair as it is. However, if you still want more control over your strands of hair, you can resort to styling creams.

However, before jumping to the selection of hair care products, you need to get accustomed to a very important rule. Any styling cream must be applied when your hair is still damp. In case you try to tame your hair when it is completely dry, your curls will get wild, and you will get that unwanted savage look. So, towel your newly washed hair until the excess of water is eliminated. This is the optimal moment to apply the styling cream.

The hair wax is the best ally of a man against his rebellious hair. It is a great choice to ensure a matte look. This means that nobody will be able to tell if you are using a styling cream for your hair or not. Moreover, the hair wax is powerful enough to mold your curls any way you want. The best thing about it is that you will enjoy the perfect texture and keep the greasy feeling at bay.

However, if you do want a beautiful glow, all you have to do is use the traditional pomade. If all you care about is keeping your curls away from the frizz effect, the styling cream is your answer.

So, these are the basic rules for taking care of curly man hair. The idea that without a large variety of products, you can’t contain the curls is just a myth. You need to know what kind of look you want, and you will need just three solutions, namely shampoo, conditioner, and some styling cream.

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