How to Use Make-up Brushes to Create an Edgy Look

Creating an edgy and vampy look doesn’t have to be complicated. There comes a time where we would all like to be more experimental with our makeup, but where do we start?

With a small tweak or a choosing more muted colours, can help you be on your way to an edgier look.

Make-up brushes can be a great way to help you create a vampy finish. Using brushes that are fine and precise, allowing a much more perfected look.


A great way to begin your edgy look is with your eyes. Choosing colours such a purples, greys or blacks can help create a much more punk like look.

A smoky eye is a great look, using different shades and colours to contrast against your eyes. There are some great palettes available; offering the three shades you will need to achieve the look.

When creating the vampy, edgy look, eye make-up brushes are essential. In order to blend the different shades together, you will need a combination of
blending brushes and a few finer brushes to help define your eyeliner and reach into the corners of your eyes.

Our blending eye shadow brush is perfect for mixing together different eye shadows, to remove harsh edges and add edginess to your eyes.

Applying your black eyeliner and highlighter can be tricky; trying to use your fingers is pretty much impossible to achieve these applications. The areas can be hard to reach, but with the right makeup tools, it can be quick and easy, making it smudge proof and a precise application.

With our angled detailer brush, those hard to reach places are now made quick and easy. The angled detailer helps applying those bolder colours more precise, preventing any smudging or mistakes.

For a step by step guide to creating a smokey eye look click here:


The right cheek colour and application technique can help can help to contour your face into an entirely different look and shape. With the Kardashians heavily supporting the contoured look, we all have desired for those high cheekbones.

To create a more edgy and vamp look, you will need to choose a more muted colours for your cheeks. The application is essential, as with a smoky eye, you need to be careful on the blusher!

Our Blush and Bronze brush can give your application a more defined and edgy look. The angled detailer brush helps your application quick and simple, with as much or as little as you like. Perfect for both cream and powdered blush, you can create any vampy look.

Try contouring the face as the perfect look to pair with smokey eyes


The perfect finishing touch to an edgy look is the lips. An vampy look needs a bold colour, which can be hard applying with the stick or fingers. You need to follow your lip line, and those with thinner lips may want to create a fuller look.

A lip brush can be perfect to help apply lipstick is the most precise way. With its fine and thin end, application can be soft and easy, even for beginners with a bold colour lipstick.

Our Flat Definer brush is a great way of reach those sharp edges and helping the lip to look fuller. With a bold colour, once smudged it can be hard to remove. With our flat definer brush, it is easy to apply both on the outline of the lips, as well as the fuller part.

Opt for reds, berry shades and deep plums, or a nude teamed with a very dark eye.

Follow this guide to applying the perfect berry lip:

And there we have it, a bold and vamp look, all made better by simply using brushes. Experiment further with colours and tones with our full collection of brushes helping to make it easier!

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