[Interview] Da Vinci’s Demons Make-Up Artist Maria Bradley


Tell us a little about yourself?

 I am based in Kent, UK and upon leaving school I went straight into modelling while studying Graphic Design. I modelling from fashion to artistic nude, I really enjoy modelling and it was while modelling I found my love for makeup and special effects makeup. Also after getting so many bad images of my makeup work I decided to pick up a 550d Canon camera and follow in my father footsteps and became a photographer as well. 

Model Kerri Fraser Makeup Maria Bradley Photographer Maria Bradley
Model Kerri Fraser
Makeup Maria Bradley
Photographer Maria Bradley

Did you always want to be a makeup artist?

No. When I was still in school I wanted to join the Army, in fact I wanted to be a dentist in the Army. However… I was on a weekend camp with the Army cadets and broke my knee cap when I was 15 years old therefor was told I wouldn’t make it through basic training. My heart was broken. 

What was your first makeup job?

It was when I was still modelling. I was booked for a glamour modelling photoshoot with two other girls and the makeup artist didn’t turn up. (Which I need to thank her for as I may not be where I am today if she had turned up. So thank you) The photographer liked how I had done my own makeup so asked me to do the other girls for the shoot. After that I was booked as the makeup artist which also kick started my makeup career.

Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while doing makeup? 

My most memorable moment has to be my job on the TV set of Da Vincis Demons Season 2. (A massive thanks to Simon Mahoney for introducing me to head makeup artist Jackie Fowler and a massive thank you to Jackie Fowler for giving me the opportunity) 

After a nervous 4 hour drive I arrived on set for my first night shift. It was quite surreal being there as I was a fan of the first series, it was like being in a dream. It was freezing and raining heavy all night. All us makeup artist were huddled around the monitors watching the filming looking for makeup touch ups. Then the director would shout CUT! And we all would jump up and run on set to do our touch ups then headed back to huddle around the monitors. Amazing buzz! 

One night several of us took it in turns to untangle Julia Townend hair haha… After a night out she had back combed her hair in to a Amy Winehouse beehive but it was a little over back combed. To this day her hair is always brought up. So many great people to mention so many laughs and funny times on my time there.

What are some of the challenges facing men/women in the makeup industry?

The challenges in this industry is to get a makeup job in the first place. It’s very cut throat and there are times you want to give up but you have to stay strong and believe in yourself and keep knocking on them doors and one day one will open.

What does it take to be successful in your industry?

Keeping up to date with new technics and new looks. Always try new products and practise all the time. Being prepared to work hard to get work, some people seem to think work will land on their lap but sadly it doesn’t. Patients and persistence goes a long way in this industry.

Model Bradley Loader Makeup Maria Bradley Photography Maria Bradley
Model Bradley Loader
Makeup Maria Bradley
Photography Maria Bradley


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