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Foundation Makeup Sponge – Marvel 4in1 Beauty Blender

4in1 blending sponge

makeup sponge

  • Easy to use, easy to care for – washable and re-usable
  • Tremendous Quality over similar products and Value at a much lower price

Works its wonders with all kinds of make-up: Liquid Make-ups, Cream Make-ups, Mineral-Based and Wet-Dry Powders PLUS Cream Blushes!

Get a look that combines hand application detail with airbrush application smoothness.

The Marvel 4 in 1 Beauty Blending Sponge is make-up application the Nanshy Way. Ours has to serve you, delight you, and exceed your expectations! We didn’t want to put our name on any old sponge, (and wouldn’t ever) especially one that only looks like beauty blenders. This 4-in-1 sponge, (yes, +1 more than the industry standard 3-in-1) a lot of effort went into research, extensive testing, and developed to be your ultimate beauty sponge and new ‘fave’.

Why 4-in-1 instead of only 3-in-1?

The added surface enables two features our testers loved:

The Nanshy exclusive, flattened rise up top comes to a (1) fine tip, ideal for covering imperfections, and perfect for blending in corners and smaller hard to reach areas. The second feature is its 45 degree-angled, rounded, flat shape that allows for wide-flat stippling, for easy-grip, and clean fingers. By neatly taking the place of the bottom shape, you can stand your 4-in1 on its bottom to dry, or during application, and not have to use that surface on your face.

If you prefer the large, round bottom, and need to place the Nanshy Marvel 4-in1 on its side, the additional surface inhibits rolling. No more falling into places you don’t want your beauty blender sponge to be.

Brighten your complexion and create build-able airbrush-like coverage, hide imperfections and achieve the smoothest finish imaginable.

Nanshy Make up Blending Sponges’ 4-in-1 shape makes application fool-proof: (2) flat edge for contouring around nose and eyes, (4) rounded bottom for blending large areas of the face, and to roll on your foundation. No matter which of the four you need to use at the moment, the Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Beauty Blending Sponge’s indented (3) waist, in the centre, is easy to hold, in the perfect place, very ergonomic. Always easy to grasp, no matter how challenging the application.

The Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Beauty Blending Sponge is very soft. Softness makes it wonderful to use and easier to clean. The micro-pore formulation allows for the beauty sponge to remain damp, grabbing just the right amount of make-up, and extend its shape when wet, yet easy to clean. And of course it’s Nanshy quality, so it’s latex free, non-allergenic and odour free.

4in1 blending sponge

How to clean makeup sponge? (more extensive article coming soon…)

Rinse Sponge under flowing water while using a squeezing motion, lather with beauty soap (baby shampoo works great too!), rinse clean, then towel dry, using the same squeezing motion. You’re all done! Set out to air-dry.

How to use makeup sponge? (more extensive article coming soon…)

  • Run under water or submerge to get it completely wet,
  • Nanshy Sponge will expand in size and have a pillow-like appearance,
  • Compress gently in your hand to slightly damp,
  • Swipe it across your cream or liquid foundation,
  • Dab it first in the midsection of your face near your nose,
  • Sweep it outward towards the edges of your face (cheek, forehead, and chin).

Within moments, your make-up will set, the coverage fantastic, and remain flawless.

Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Makeup Sponge Reviews

Get Ready With Me by Clashing Time using Marvel 4in1!

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5 thoughts on “Foundation Makeup Sponge – Marvel 4in1 Beauty Blender

  1. […] from the comfort of one’s home or office. One of the brands I got acquainted with was Nanshy, who were kind enough to send me one of their makeup sponges to try. I thought it was a good idea […]

  2. Really loving this makeup sponge!! I get such a gorgeous glow and my make up feels so natural. I’m featuring this in a post today. So happy I got the chance to try it!
    Kavi x

  3. Absolutely love the Marvel 4 in 1 Sponge, it feels like a dream and left me with an absolutely flawless finish. If you buy one sponge, this has to be the one.

  4. I love this sponge, it glides over the face with no drag at all

  5. […] I’ve been so impressed with the 4-in-1 Makeup Blending Sponge & would highly recommend it! For £5.95, the quality is fantastic – you really can’t go wrong with this sponge! You can find more details on the Nanshy Makeup Blending Sponge & buy it from Nanshy’s website. […]

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