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The Art of Blending with the Nanshy Blending Sponge

Why blending sponge? As an artist of make-up we can often ask what is it that defines a good make-up artist and a great make-up application?   Many make-up artists have answered this question in different ways over the years including the American celebrity make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin.  Kevyn stated that The Art of make-up is blending”. For many make-up artists who aspire to be good at their craft, or for a make-up enthusiast looking for the best tools to use in their make-up kit, learning of the best blending tools around is a great place to learn how to be like the best.

The key to a great blend

They key to a great blend can be found in different places.  We can look at how we apply make-up to the face.  Are we applying in a controlled way?  Are we taking care to blend in all the edges?  We can also look at the skin canvas… is the skin smooth and well moisturised ready for a make-up application? Products also have a great influence on the final look that will be achieved.  We can ask questions like:  Are we applying the right make-up to the right skin type?  All these questions can help us towards a well-blended and overall professional finish.

Nanshy Makeup Blending Sponge

Finally, we can look at the tools we can use.  For that well blended foundation, blusher, bronzer and eye shadow, Nanshy produce a blending sponge which can be used to perfectly blend in this make-up.  Using a blending sponge to give that professional and flawless finish to your make-up has become a handy little tool for many in the world of make-up.  This product is something which is now being used not only by make-up enthusiasts’, but by international make-up artists.

How to use the blending sponge?

The sponge can be used both wet and dry, depending upon your preference and what products you are using.  For the wet application simply run it under water for a few seconds.  Once wet, gently squeeze out the water.   The other difference you will notice once the sponge is wet is that the sponge will have grown in size.

Use the sponge for make-up application and blending

You can use this sponge for the initial application of your make-up.  If you are using foundation for example, put a small amount on the back of your hand and by using the base end of the sponge, gently lift up some product and gently dab away any excess.  Once you have done this you can slowly build up the coverage you want by stippling over the face until you reach the desired effect.

Where can you use it?


This sponge is great for use for liquid, creams and even powdered foundations.  A light, medium or heavy coverage can be gained from layering up the colour.  Use the base end of the sponge and gently stipple over the face.  You will see instantly that that the look achieved is well distributed and blended.


Creams, powders and liquid blushers can be applied using this sponge.  Use the base end again to stipple the blush over the apple of the cheeks towards the temples.  You can also blend in the blusher with the rest of your foundation to produce a flawless finish.

Eye shadows

Cream and powdered eye shadows can be applied using the narrow end of the sponge.  You can use these to apply a single shade, or you can build up colours and blend them together.  As this sponge produces such an elegant finish, applying eye shadow using this sponge is great for both the day and evening looks.

Use after foundation application

blending spongeIf you like to for example use your fingers to apply the foundation, this doesn’t mean that this product cannot further improve your make-up.  You can use this sponge in conjunction with any other product, or with using your fingers.  This sponge is an accessory which will only improve what you already have done.  If for example you are applying a foundation, this sponge is perfect to touch up areas which may look blotchy or streaky.  As well as allowing for a flawless look, the pointed end can easily smooth out those areas which tend to crease such as under the eyes, around the nose and mouth.


Cleaning this sponge is just as easy as cleaning your make-up brushes.  Use a gentle baby shampoo to wash, and then leave to dry for its next use.

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