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With NANSHY Makeup Brushes you’ve never looked so smashing...Especially to animals! Nanshy 100% Vegan, and Cruelty Free! Approved

Loved by Bunnies (and Mammals) for No Animal Testing and absolutely No Animal Products

Compare and see that at Half the Price, get twice the quality and luxuriousness with Nanshy.

Championed by makeup artists, celebrities, and bloggers for applying a flawless and seamless finish

synthetic bristlesWhy synthetic?

Nanshy nylon synthetic bristles are flexible, durable, and don’t lose their shape. Nor do they require extensive routine cleaning and complex maintenance measures.

Synthetic bristles won’t ever fade – because they are not dyed. There’s no need for dyes. Synthetic Bristles keep the same great brilliant colour from the first washing all through the lifetime of the brush.

Nanshy Synthetic brushes offer unrivalled uniformity and lushness. Nanshy synthetic brushes are famous for their softness, firmness and flexibility.

vegan-beauty-products-bunnyThe ugly truth about bristles used by other brands

The uncomfortable truth about "natural" bristles -
So-called “Natural Bristles” are ANIMAL HAIR! Many people don’t realise that. Non-synthetic bristles come from various species of Mammals. Many are domestic and farmed intensively for that purpose.

Before being assembled into a brush, "natural bristles" were part of a living animal. There can be organic residues of various kinds. To eliminate germs and bacteria the natural bristles are severely disinfected, which makes them lose their softness and become prone to hardening and cracking.

Animal bristles are often abrasive and irritate sensitive skin.

Applying makeup should be a treat, for great results, and for your skin!

  • Synthetic bristles are softer than animal derived bristles.
  • That's why Nanshy produces exclusively synthetic brushes.
  • You get soft, safe, uniform bristles that resist breaking and shedding.
  • And no animals ever suffer from the manufacture of our great products.
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free, Professional Grade Quality, Resilient and Durable, Do not fade, and Do not scratch.

About 31 million animals die from fur farms each year

inc. Sable


Bravo, Nanshy – for your commitment to animal welfare and your great makeup brushes

Bianca Jagger — Founder and Chair, Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, IUCN Plant a Pledge Ambassador, Member of the Executive Director's Leadership Council of Amnesty International USA Trustee, Amazon Charitable Trust

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